5 Ways To Improve Workplace Morale

5 Ways To Improve Workplace Morale

Increased turnovers,​ costly decreases in​ productivity and overall employee dissatisfaction are all ramifications of​ low morale in​ the​ workplace. Moral is​ a​ vital component of​ any organization or​ business for it​ to​ thrive and achieve success.

Here are five ways to​ improve workplace morale easily and inexpensively that will boost your team's performance and lower levels of​ tension and stress.

Install a​ Humor Board
Most every office has several memo boards for important work-related information,​ some pleasant,​ some not so pleasant. Install a​ memo board in​ a​ neutral location that is​ specifically for people to​ post jokes,​ cartoons,​ funny pictures or​ amusing anecdotes. This way everyone can get a​ little laugh after arriving for work on​ a​ dreary Monday morning.

Adopt Flextime Schedules
If possible,​ work out a​ way for employees to​ have more flexibility in​ their schedules. You may be surprised at​ the​ amount of​ stress that can be alleviated by this one thing. With daycares and households with two working parents,​ and possibly only one vehicle,​ this small move can be monumental to​ some people. Work out a​ schedule or​ system for employees to​ leave an​ hour early or​ come in​ an​ hour late on​ certain days. Alternate days and times so that everyone gets an​ opportunity to​ benefit if​ needed.

Get Away From it​ All
Hold meetings and conferences at​ a​ location away from the​ office if​ at​ all possible. a​ restaurant or​ local park would be a​ welcome alternative to​ a​ stuffy boardroom on​ a​ clear,​ spring day. People may be more alert and more receptive to​ the​ specifics of​ the​ meeting in​ another less stifling environment.

Share the​ Wealth
Offer employees incentives to​ "coach" their co-workers on​ their lunch or​ break times. Incentives could come in​ the​ form of​ paid time off,​ gift certificates to​ stores or​ restaurants,​ movie tickets or​ even small,​ simple mementos to​ show appreciation. This is​ a​ morale booster in​ a​ few ways; firstly,​ new or​ confused employees can glean valuable information from their more experienced colleagues and secondly,​ it​ may make the​ "coach" feel better about their job,​ themselves and their performance.

Offer Contests and Awards
Special days such as​ "Ugliest Outfit Day" or​ "Best Disguise Day" or​ "Funniest Story Day" can be a​ way to​ lighten the​ mood for a​ bit and encourage communication between employees. Offer "awards" which can be simple prizes and certificates given to​ the​ winners to​ display.

Boosting employee morale doesn't have to​ be expensive or​ involved. Even contagious cheerfulness on​ a​ regular basis can mean the​ difference between a​ dour workplace and a​ welcoming,​ productive one. Ask the​ employees for their ideas and listen to​ their thoughts. Work out a​ viable plan that will motivate them and make them more productive and happier at​ the​ same time.

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