5 Tips To Get More Results From Your Marketing Materials

5 Tips To Get More Results From Your Marketing Materials

5 Tips to​ Get More Results from Your Marketing Materials
The moment I​ decided to​ specialize as​ a​ direct response copywriter (which means you​ get a​ response directly from the​ marketing materials,​ there's no middle person involved,​ like a​ sales rep) I​ knew there would be one thing that would determine if​ I​ would be eating steak or​ eating mac and cheese.
And what's the​ one thing? the​ results I​ got for my clients.
Therefore,​ improving results became a​ pretty big focus of​ mine .​
You might even call it​ a​ passion .​
(Some people who aren't nearly as​ nice have called it​ in​ an​ obsession.)
Regardless,​ here are 5 tips that can help you​ improve the​ conversions of​ your marketing materials.
1 .​
Know who you're talking to​ .​
If I​ hear anyone say women are my potential customers or​ anyone with skin is​ my target market (yes,​ that really was a​ direct quote from someone who sold Mary Kay or​ Arbonne or​ something like that) I​ will send my border collies (all 3 of​ them) to​ your house and force you​ to​ play fetch with them until your arm falls off .​
Seriously,​ the​ quickest way you​ can end up with the​ most dismal results imaginable is​ to​ try and talk to​ everyone .​
Come up with a​ specific customer -- the​ more specific the​ better -- and make sure your marketing materials speak directly to​ that customer.
2 .​
Make sure you​ write benefits,​ not features .​
This one is​ probably the​ hardest one to​ get but also one of​ the​ most critical .​
People buy benefits,​ not features,​ so if​ you​ only talk about features you're just asking for people not to​ buy what you're selling.
So what is​ the​ difference between features and benefits? Features are a​ description of​ a​ product -- for instance,​ if​ we're talking about a​ diet pill,​ a​ feature would that the​ product is​ a​ pill .​
a​ benefit would be the​ solution the​ product provides -- in​ this case,​ losing weight .​
As much as​ you​ possibly can,​ write about why someone should buy your product .​
No one buys diet pills because they like taking pills,​ they buy them to​ lose weight .​
Think of​ the​ solution your product or​ service provides and write about that.
3 .​
Work on​ that headline .​
David Ogilvy,​ famous ad man and author of​ Confessions of​ an​ Advertising Man,​ has said that people make the​ decision to​ read your marketing materials based your headline .​
Your headline should: a​ .​
speak to​ your potential customers,​ b .​
contain a​ benefit,​ c .​
be so compelling your target market is​ compelled to​ read further .​
That's a​ lot to​ ask for from basically a​ handful of​ words .​
So don't rush the​ process -- take as​ much time as​ you​ need to​ create the​ very best headline for your particular piece .​
4 .​
Don't forget the​ call to​ action .​
You've got to​ tell people what to​ do next .​
If you​ don't tell them what you​ want them to​ do,​ chances are they won't do anything.
Don't assume your potential customers know what you​ want them to​ do .​
They don't .​
They can't read your mind .​
Nor do they want to​ .​
They're busy people .​
They don't have the​ time or​ the​ energy to​ figure things out .​
Tell them what to​ do next,​ or​ don't be surprised when they don't do anything.
5 .​
Use P.S.'s or​ captions .​
Postscripts (P.S.) are the​ second most read item in​ a​ sales piece .​
What's the​ third? Captions .​
(The copy under photos,​ diagrams or​ other illustrations.) Now that you​ know that,​ think of​ the​ ways you​ can use either or​ both of​ those items in​ your pieces .​
Maybe you​ put a​ special offer in​ there or​ you​ highlight a​ particularly compelling benefit .​
Or you​ tell them again what you​ want their next step to​ be .​
Whatever you​ do,​ don't waste that space.
If you​ even do just one of​ these tips,​ you​ should start seeing better results .​
Work on​ all five and you​ might be amazed at​ how much your results improve.

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