5 Steps To Staying Mentally Sharp And Preventing Alzheimers Disease

5 Steps To Staying Mentally Sharp And Preventing Alzheimers Disease

5 Steps to​ Staying Mentally Sharp and​ Preventing Alzheimers Disease
If you​ want to​ stay sharp and​ in​ control of​ your life well into your golden years,​ there are proactive methods to​ achieving the​ mental alertness you​ need. ​
More and​ more research is​ pointing to​ the​ fact that physical activity and​ lifestyle choices have more to​ do with preventing Alzheimer s disease AD and​ other forms of​ dementia once thought to​ be a​ normal part of​ aging than pure genetics. ​
So if ​ you​ had a​ parent,​ grandparent or​ sibling with AD it​ doesnt mean you​ have to​ follow the​ same path. ​

Statistics gathered from extensive research do point toward a​ higher risk of​ developing AD if ​ you​ had a​ close relative with AD as​ much as​ 50%,​ but that has less to​ do with genes and​ more to​ do with following their lifestyle patterns. ​
if ​ for example,​ your parents were smokers who rarely exercised,​ you​ may have developed some of​ the​ same destructive habits. ​

What can you​ do to​ break the​ cycle and​ prevent AD? Take action and​ take control today. ​
Even if ​ you​ are in​ your 60s or​ 70s you​ can reverse some of​ the​ damage done to​ your brain through poor diet,​ inactivity,​ or​ damaging lifestyle choices. ​
Scientists have discovered very recently that the​ brain has the​ ability to​ repair cells and​ neurotransmitters and​ improve cognitive function and​ memory.
Its Not Too Late to​ Make a​ Difference Start the​ 5 Steps Today
1. ​
Eat Right. ​
it​ seems so simple,​ yet too many people just dont get enough of​ the​ mind preserving antioxidants found in​ fresh fruits and​ vegetables. ​
a​ wellbalanced diet,​ free of​ diary products and​ using low fat sources of​ protein will protect both heart and​ mind.
2. ​
Supplement where necessary. ​
Many diets lack the​ nutrients proven to​ promote brain health. ​
These include sources of​ essential fatty acids found in​ fish and​ specific herbs and​ minerals that can enhance cognitive function.
3. ​
Exercise. ​
Originally it​ was thought that exercise increases blood flow and​ oxygen to​ the​ brain cells. ​
This is​ still true,​ but a​ report prepared for the​ National Institutes of​ Health states that exercise can also stimulate the​ production growth factors,​ which are molecules produced by the​ body to​ repair and​ maintain nerves.
4. ​
Lower Your Cholesterol. ​
Many people with early dementia or​ AD symptoms may have actually experienced small strokes that damaged the​ brains neurotransmitters. ​
By keeping cholesterol levels in​ check,​ the​ arteries are free and​ clear of​ plaque that can cause stroke.
5. ​
Do your Mental Exercises. ​
Keeping up with current events,​ working puzzles each day,​ learning and​ memorizing new information all work to​ keeping a​ mind strong and​ alert. ​
it​ is​ normal for people to​ sometimes forget a​ name or​ date,​ but the​ more practice recalling such information the​ greater the​ brains ability to​ do this throughout old age. ​
In the​ case of​ mental challenges,​ the​ more you​ do the​ more you​ can push back the​ clock on​ cognitive decline.
Five easy steps,​ when you​ think about it,​ can do much to​ make aging an event to​ celebrate instead of​ dread. ​
With age there comes experience and​ wisdom,​ and​ we should all do whatever is​ within our power to​ be able to​ pass that on​ to​ the​ next generation.

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