5 Steps To A Perfect Koi Pond

5 Steps To A Perfect Koi Pond

5 Steps To a​ Perfect Koi Pond
Step 1- Setting Up The Perfect Environment
you​ perfect Koi pond starts with the actual pond itself .​
you​ have to​ create a​ pond that will not only be pleasing to​ the eye, but will also adequately sustain​ Koi .​
Proper placement, size, and​ pond type is​ essential when building your​ pond.
When it​ comes to​ pond size, the bigger is​ always better .​
Koi have a​ habit of​ growing rather fast, so you​ have to​ consider pond size at​ the same time you​ are considering how many Koi you​ are going to​ put it​ in​ .​

Unless you​ have a​ large amount of​ knowledge in​ outdoor landscaping, fish keeping, and​ construction, it​ may be a​ good idea to​ leave the pond building to​ a​ professional .​
While some people think that building the pond yourself with save you​ money, this​ could not be further from the case .​
if​ your​ pond is​ not build properly the first time, you​ will end up spending a​ large amount of​ money on​ fixing the problems that come up .​
Not only that, if​ your​ pond is​ not properly setup, you​ may not even be able to​ keep fish alive .​
Remember when you​ hire a​ professional, it​ is​ their job to​ give you​ what you​ want .​
They can give their knowledge when it​ comes to​ decision​ making, but ultimately, they will do whatever you​ want them too .​
Because of​ this, you​ cannot blame them if​ your​ pond fails do to​ location, size, or​ other factors .​
However, beware of​ extremely cheap quotes as​ they may cut corners that could potentially cause you​ problems later .​
While quotes will come in​ different, there should not be a​ very dramatic difference between them.
Step 2- Learning about Koi Keeping
Knowledge is​ power when it​ comes to​ Koi keeping .​
It is​ important to​ learn as​ much as​ you​ possibly can about the hobby before jumping in​ with both feet .​
It is​ important to​ learn the information​ yourself rather then relying on​ other sources .​
People such as​ your​ product dealer and​ pond builder will have limited knowledge, but should not be trusted for​ a​ reliable source, as​ they are selling products and​ may be bias .​
Plus, once you​ are at​ home with your​ Koi, your​ product dealer or​ pond builder may not be available to​ help you​ in​ the event of​ a​ problem.
Step 3- Picking Out Koi
Once you​ have created the perfect environment, you​ will need to​ start looking into buying your​ fish .​
It is​ important to​ remember never to​ purchase to​ many Koi because they will grow rather large, and​ they breed almost yearly .​
Overpopulating your​ Koi pond will cause serious problems in​ the future.
Step 4- Preventing Common​ Koi Pond Problems
you​ can prevent certain​ types of​ Koi pond problems by following simple prevention​ steps.
Always quarantine new fish before introducing them to​ your​ current Koi population​ .​
Koi can have certain​ illnesses and​ viruses, such as​ KHV or​ Koi Herpes Virus, with little or​ no showing symptoms .​
By quarantining, you​ will greatly reduce the risk of​ exposing your​ population​ to​ potentially deadly situations.
Do water tests at​ least on​ a​ weekly basis .​
this​ will allow you​ to​ notice discrepancies in​ the test results long before your​ pond starts showing symptoms of​ stress .​
this​ iwill potentially save not only your​ pond, but your​ fish as​ well.
Step 5- Feeding you​ Koi
Finally, feeding you​ Koi can be one of​ the most pleasing parts of​ having a​ perfect Koi pond .​
you​ should check with your​ local pet store or​ Koi dealer when it​ comes to​ the amount and​ types of​ food that you​ should be feeding your​ fish .​
Feeding patterns change with season​ and​ temperature .​
Koi can be fed treats such as​ fruit, veggies, bread, and​ store bought treats.
Koi can literally be trained to​ eat directly from your​ hand​ .​
this​ takes time and​ patience, but will ultimately provide entertainment to​ you​ and​ your​ visitors.

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