4 Fun And Easy To Make Homemade Christmas Decorations

4 Fun And Easy To Make Homemade Christmas Decorations

Homemade Christmas decorations are some of​ the most unique. They are also a​ lot of​ fun because you​ can enjoy them with your​ family. Below are 4 fun and​ easy to​ make homemade Christmas decorations:

Popcorn Stringing

if​ you​ like strung popcorn, it’s really simple to​ make. Start with a​ big bowl of​ popcorn (unbuttered, of​ course) and​ string it​ piece by piece using a​ standard sewing needle and​ thread. Make sure there’s plenty of​ popcorn because, if​ you’re stringing it​ for​ garland, you’re going to​ need a​ lot.

Cranberry Stringing

Much like the popcorn stringing method, many people used to​ string cranberries using a​ standard needle and​ thread. Again, make sure there’s plenty to​ go around if​ you’re going to​ use it​ as​ garland. Most importantly, and​ I know it’s tempting, don’t eat all the decorations. Save some for​ the Christmas tree.

Paper Chains

One of​ the greatest memories of​ decorating for​ Christmas, as​ a​ child, has to​ be the traditional paper chains. Using green and​ red construction​ paper, cut horizontal strips of​ each color. Fold them into a​ circle and​ seal with tape. Scotch tape is​ recommended and, if​ you​ use this​ when your​ child is​ young, the smell will always remind them of​ Christmas. it​ will likely become "Christmas tape" to​ them. Once you​ have a​ complete circle, take another strip in​ an​ alternating color and​ run it​ through the first circle. Next, fold it​ around and​ seal with tape. Complete this​ step until you​ have a​ big strand​ of​ paper garland​ in​ red and​ green. you​ and​ your​ child will enjoy doing this​ together and​ it​ will create wonderful memories for​ you​ both.

Lighted Wreath

if​ you​ love the look of​ a​ lighted wreath, but don’t quite have a​ budget for​ one of​ the more expensive ones, consider another option. you​ can purchase a​ plain​ green wreath very inexpensively. a​ small strand​ of​ lights can cost anywhere from $1.00 to​ $3.00. But, put them together and​ you​ have the look of​ a​ professionally lighted Christmas wreath. for​ this​ project, you​ could use either clear or​ multi-colored Christmas lights. Simply take the plain​ green wreath and​ wrap the lights around in​ a​ design similar to​ the stripes on​ a​ candy cane. Once you’ve gone all the way around, tuck the last light into the green of​ the wreath. Make sure that you​ place it​ near an​ electric outlet because there won’t be a​ lot of​ extra cord. Now that you’re ready, plug it​ in​ and​ see your​ very own design. a​ red bow is​ a​ nice touch, but not necessary. as​ people drive by, they will see a​ beautifully lit wreath in​ your​ window and​ they will have no idea that you​ saved a​ few bucks by wrapping the lights yourself.

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