3 Ways You Can Profit From Giving Your Writing Away

3 Ways You Can Profit From Giving Your Writing Away

I recently made an​ important discovery that I just couldn't wait to​ share. You can make money by giving your writing away. Yes,​ it​ really is​ true.

This isn't some "get rich overnight" scheme or​ some trick to​ get you to​ lay out a​ bunch of​ money for a​ "turn key business". You have to​ do the​ work yourself and it​ will take some time to​ set everything in​ place -- but anyone with an​ elementary grasp of​ the​ English language can make this work!

Giving your writing away to​ web sites,​ blogs,​ ezines,​ and newsletters can really make you some serious cash on​ the​ internet and I'm not joking. I have been writing professionally for two decades and I never thought I'd make more by writing for free but I am.

In fact,​ I make more money giving my writing away than I did selling my articles and columns. That's right. the​ truth is​ that I'm making more money writing part-time for free than I did in​ any of​ my full-time paid writing jobs and that includes advances and royalties from the​ publication of​ three novels.

There are three ways I profit from giving my writing away. They aren't secrets and you can use them profitably as​ well:

~ Traffic for my web sites and blogs (I've seen traffic triple within a​ week from some articles)

~ Reputation building for me and my online enterprises which helps attract clients,​ customers,​ and visitors

~ Profit for my advertisers and for me through sales of​ my own products as​ well as​ affiliate income

It really is​ not a​ difficult or​ complicated business model and one any competent writer,​ or​ anyone with the​ ability to​ string a​ decent sentence together,​ could replicate or​ modify to​ suit their purpose. I am a​ writer not a​ business person,​ but I know this is​ working for me and that it​ could work for you,​ too.

And let me share one last terrific benefit of​ this writing business -- you can write whatever you want. You aren't dependent on​ some editor's whim or​ assignment. You don't need to​ worry about tightly focusing your work to​ fit within a​ publication's editorial guidelines. You are in​ total control -- you write to​ suit yourself in​ terms of​ topic,​ approach,​ and tone. And you'll make more money doing that then you ever did when you tried to​ write for someone else. I promise!

Now go out there and give your writing away!

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