3 Tips For Writing A Great Resume

3 Tips For Writing A Great Resume

In most job interview situations,​ your resume will provide your potential employer with his or​ her first impression of​ you. if​ your resume makes a​ good first impression,​ you will move on​ to​ the​ next step in​ the​ hiring process. if​ not,​ your resume will likely be filed and you will never have the​ opportunity to​ progress to​ an​ actual interview. For this reason,​ it​ is​ essential that you take the​ time to​ create a​ resume that will make the​ first impression you need it​ to​ make.

Stay Clear and Concise

Before you even start writing your resume,​ you need to​ be clear on​ what your objectives are. This means having a​ solid idea of​ the​ type of​ job that you want and the​ types of​ skills needed to​ obtain that job. By having a​ clear idea of​ the​ job you are hoping to​ get,​ you can structure the​ rest of​ your resume around this objective.

When actually creating your resume,​ be clear about your objectives as​ well as​ the​ talents you can offer to​ the​ company. Don’t go into a​ great amount of​ detail about these talents – you can do that at​ your interview. Rather,​ provide the​ potential employer with a​ brief overview. Creating bulleted lists with short sentences is​ generally the​ best way to​ go. Remember,​ your potential employer will be scanning over dozens of​ resumes. Make it​ easy for him or​ her to​ read the​ highlights of​ what you offer to​ the​ company.

Use Action Words

Your resume should also contain action words such as​ monitored,​ managed,​ prepared,​ and developed. Not only will this help your resume stand out,​ it​ will also make it​ more likely to​ be picked out by the​ computerized resume scanners many companies are now using. With these scanners,​ the​ hiring manager inputs certain words that relate to​ the​ position and the​ computer searches for these words on​ the​ resume. if​ there are no matches,​ you resume will be overlooked.

Do Your Homework

You may very well have a​ number of​ skills and talents,​ but not all of​ them are necessarily valuable to​ the​ company. Do your homework so you are aware of​ what the​ company does and what it​ is​ looking for in​ the​ person it​ is​ hiring. Be sure to​ highlight these strengths in​ your resume in​ order to​ match the​ needs of​ the​ company.

By following these simple tips,​ you will be more likely to​ get an​ interview. From here,​ it​ is​ up to​ you to​ “sell” yourself to​ a​ potential employer.

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