3 Tips For Running An Effective Ppc Campaign Strategies For Online Marketing Success

Pay-per-click campaigns can be incredibly effective traffic generators. Although achieving PPC search engine rankings is​ more difficult and competitive than when it​ began,​ the​ number of​ online users that employ search engines has grown substantially,​ so there is​ a​ significantly larger audience to​ be reached.

Many eCommerce entrepreneurs have employed pay-per-click ads and lost serious money simply because they didn’t understand what they were doing. According to​ Internet marketing strategist Catherine Seda,​ of​ http://DriveTrafficToday.com,​ you​ can avoid blowing your budget by following some general guidelines in​ your PPC campaign:

• Chase the​ Tail

Stay away from broad keyword phrases,​ and even single keywords. Cautions Seda,​ “They’re too wide-ranging to​ hit a​ targeted audience,​ and you’re going to​ have significantly more competition bidding.” For example,​ if​ you​ sell car insurance,​ bidding on​ the​ search term “insurance” will pit you​ against other car insurance agencies,​ as​ well as​ health insurance,​ life insurance,​ home owner’s insurance,​ and the​ list goes on.

Dig deeper with your keyword list to​ find “tail terms” that are made up of​ low cost,​ lower volume words,​ but that are super-focused. Generally a​ tail term is​ made up of​ multiple words: like the​ phrase “free car insurance quote.” it​ might not pull in​ massive amounts of​ traffic,​ but it’s going to​ convert very well because a​ user who types in​ that phrase is​ the​ precise audience you’re targeting.

• Read the​ Fine Print

When you​ set up your PPC campaign,​ you’re going choose not only your keywords,​ but also your estimated budget. Once your bill hits the​ specified amount,​ your ads stop appearing in​ the​ search results for the​ remainder of​ that budget period. This allows you​ to​ know exactly what your maximum bill will be.

It’s very important to​ be aware that this is​ normally an​ estimated daily budget,​ not an​ estimated monthly budget. Don’t just race through the​ set-up,​ plugging in​ numbers without paying attention to​ what they mean. if​ $1,​000 is​ your maximum monthly budget,​ you​ want to​ make sure that you​ aren’t topping out at​ $1,​000 in​ clicks each day. Not paying attention is​ an​ excellent way to​ rack up serious charges that can sink your business in​ a​ matter of​ days or​ weeks.

• Make it​ Easy

Don’t just dump your visitors on​ your web site’s homepage and expect them to​ do all the​ work. if​ they have to​ search around your site,​ you’ll likely lose them. if​ they found your ad by searching for a​ particular product,​ take them directly to​ the​ page that sells that product. if​ they clicked on​ your ad promoting one dollar shipping,​ make sure the​ page on​ which they land highlights the​ fact that you​ provide shipping for one dollar.

It’s also important to​ ensure that the​ information that caused the​ user to​ click on​ your ad is​ above the​ fold. (In other words,​ make sure it’s immediately visible within the​ constraints of​ the​ monitor). Don’t make users scroll down to​ the​ bottom of​ the​ page to​ find it,​ because they might not. you​ want to​ instantly reiterate the​ message that your ad promotes,​ and reinforce to​ visitors that they’re in​ the​ right place.

By implementing good PPC practices,​ you​ can help ensure the​ traffic that you​ drive converts well,​ and that your campaign is​ profitable. States Seda,​ “Any E-Biz owner can benefit from a​ smart,​ well-run pay-per-click campaign. Just be careful to​ keep your ads and your marketing message focused,​ and you’ll see a​ big difference in​ your bottom line.”

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