3 Steps To Quickly Writing Ezine Articles

Come on,​ admit it: Whether you're a​ professional writer or​ not we​ all draw a​ blank when we​ want to​ write an​ ezine article.

I've found an​ answer to​ that dilemma that will get you writing in​ no time so that you can publish your ezine article and begin to​ receive that new wave of​ subscribers you've been hoping for. Here's how to​ get the​ lead out if​ you draw a​ blank:

1. Write your action steps first.
Forget about the​ catchy headline and attractive lead paragraph for now. There's no use in​ cleverly leading a​ reader into an​ article that has no real value to​ them. So start where you build your credibility,​ right in​ the​ action steps. of​ course you want to​ identify your subject and then tell them how to​ make their lives easier. For instance,​ plumbers are always going to​ have to​ fix pipes,​ it's the​ nature of​ their business. if​ you have an​ ezine to​ others in​ the​ plumbing industry,​ write about a​ new technique in​ the​ industry on​ sealing pipes or​ preparing them for the​ winter,​ etc.

2. Save the​ best for last.
There's something called takeaway or​ take-home that should be in​ every one of​ your articles. It's your last chance to​ tell your audience,​ "I know my stuff." Try to​ put that key piece of​ information in​ the​ last paragraph of​ your article and you'll want it​ to​ be something your reader can do as​ soon as​ he or​ she finishes reading your article. if​ you're writing to​ accounts payable clerks,​ you'd tell them ways to​ get each department to​ get approvals on​ all purchase orders before submitting them. A/P clerks would just eat that up. It's their number one gripe. Bottom line: Give your audience something they can do immediately at​ the​ very end of​ your article. They'll remember your name and become devotees for life- hanging from your every word.

3. Get excited about the​ benefits.
After you've taken care of​ the​ credibility building portion of​ your article,​ you have to​ draw the​ reader in​ and whet their appetite for all this great information. By the​ way,​ if​ you write the​ action steps and take-home first,​ this part will be easier because you'll be so excited about the​ information you'll see the​ benefits of​ it. And that's what writing lead paragraphs and headlines is​ all about: benefits to​ your readers.

Your final take-home advice
No matter what you do,​ when you're writing to​ an​ ezine audience,​ always include an​ "About the​ Author" blurb (some call this a​ sig file,​ short for signature file) and a​ plug for anything new you're into. to​ do this,​ determine what you want the​ reader to​ do after he or​ she is​ finished reading. Do you want the​ to​ subscribe to​ your ezine? Buy your new ebook? or​ just visit or​ site? Whatever the​ benefit to​ you is,​ identify it​ before you write your "About the​ Author" section. And you can write this at​ any time because it's separate from the​ article and you can use the​ same "About the​ Author" blurb for multiple articles. as​ a​ matter of​ fact,​ you could write one right now. Check out the​ one I'm using at​ the​ bottom of​ this article.

(c) 2003-2005 Lisa Sparks

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