25 Free Tips For Marketing Your Blog

25 Free Tips For Marketing Your Blog

With so many blogs being created every day,​ it’s a​ mystery to​ many bloggers how to​ make their blog stand out. It’s simple. People want to​ read good content,​ and with good content comes ad revenue. Well,​ maybe it’s not that easy… We’ve finally unleashed the​ secrets of​ successful blog marketing. Do note that these are not guaranteed to​ increase your click-through ratios and they will not bring good karma to​ you​ or​ your ads.. if​ only.. Nonetheless,​ these tips should benefit your blog and make it​ more user-friendly,​ more easily accessible,​ and more content-enabled.

There are many types of​ blogs or​ purposes for blogs and a​ certain number of​ tactics are applicable to​ just about all of​ them,​ so here is​ a​ -short- list of​ tips for marketing and optimizing a​ blog:

1. Decide on​ a​ stand alone domain name www.myblog.com or​ directory of​ existing site www.mysite.com/blog. Sub domain is​ also an​ option blog.mysite.com. Avoid hosted services that do not allow you​ to​ use your own domain name!
2. Obtain and install customizable blog software - WordPress and Moveable Type are my favorites.
3. Customize blog look and feel templates - aka design.
4. Research keywords and develop a​ glossary - Keyword Discovery,​ WordTracker,​ SitePoint,​ SEOBook Keyword Research.
5. Optimize the​ blog:
* Template optimization - RSS subscription options,​ social bookmark links,​ HTML code,​ Unique title tags,​ URLs,​ Sitemap
* Add helper plugins specific to​ WordPress or​ MT
* Create keyword rich categories (reference your keyword glossary)
6. Enable automatic trackback and ping functionality.
7. Create Feedburner Pro account and enable feed tracking.
8. Setup Google acount for Sitemap,​ validate and prep for future submission.
9. Identify authoritative blogs,​ web sites and hubs for outbound resource links and blogroll.
10. Format archived posts,​ related posts.
11. Enable statistics for tracking - Performancing,​ Google Analytics,​ ClickTracks.
12. Submit RSS feed and Blog URL to​ prominent RSS and Blog directories / search engines.
13. Engage in​ an​ ongoing link building campaign.
14. if​ podcast or​ video content are available,​ submit to​ Podcast and Vlog directories.
15. Submit blog url to​ paid directories with categories for blogs - Yahoo,​ BOTW,​ bCentral,​ WOW,​ JoeAnt.
16. Optimize and distribute a​ press release announcing blog.
17. Request feedback or​ reviews of​ your blog in​ relevant forums,​ discussion threads. if​ you​ have a​ resourceful post that will help others,​ point to​ it.
18. Research and comment on​ relevant industry related blogs and blogs with significant centers of​ influence.
19. Post regularly. if​ it’s a​ news oriented blog,​ 3-5 times per day. if​ it’s an​ authoritative blog,​ 3-5 times per week,​ but each post must be unique and high value.
20. Monitor inbound links,​ traffic,​ comments and mentions of​ your blog - Google Alerts,​ Technorati,​ Blogpulse,​ Yahoo News,​ Ask Blogs and Feeds.
21. Always respond to​ comments on​ your blog and when you​ detect a​ mention of​ your blog on​ another blog,​ thank that blogger in​ the​ comments of​ the​ post.
22. Make contact with related bloggers on​ AND offline if​ possible.
23. When making blog posts always cite the​ source with a​ link and don’t be afraid to​ mention popular bloggers by name. Use keywords in​ the​ blog post title,​ in​ the​ body of​ the​ post and use anchor text when you​ link to​ previous posts you’ve made.
24. Use social networking services,​ forums and discussion threads to​ connect with other bloggers. if​ they like your stuff,​ they will link to​ you.
25. Remember when web sites were a​ new concept and the​ sage advice to​ print your web address everywhere you​ print your phone number? the​ same advice applies for your blog.

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