2 Marketing Strategies To Make Money Online With Affiliate Programs

Thefirst strategy to​ make money online is​ building a​ list.  

This strategy is​ the​ most important step to​ continue tomake money long term. if​ you​ do not already have some type of​ autorepondersystem you​ need to​ get one. Don’t be cheap here either because your entirebusiness will hinge on​ this one piece of​ software. 

you​ can build your list many different ways. you​ can buyleads from reputable list building companies and get them into yourautoresponder. Most good list building companies will have an​ option to​ send anemail to​ your autoresponder so you​ don’t have to​ manually input the​ lead’sinformation. 

Another effective way of​ building your list is​ from thetraffic that visits your website. This step,​ which is​ probably the​ most effective,​does require you​ to​ have a​ website in​ order to​ implement an​ opt-in list form. Of course if​ your Affiliate program does offer a​ list management service thenyou can send traffic to​ the​ affiliate URL,​ but I don’t recommend it​ as​ you​ willusually not be able to​ email the​ entire list with special offers. 

To make the​ most of​ your opt-in form and get the​ mostsignups,​ you​ should place it​ in​ your sales page text. it​ should bestrategically located in​ the​ sales text after you​ present a​ problem. the​ titleof your autoresponder email series should address the​ problem by offering asolution. in​ the​ example below we will assume that I am selling a​ hostingpackage and I want opt-in subscribers to​ my email course for back-end sales. 

Example: you​ can use the​ pre-built websites or​ build yourown. Many people think that building a​ website is​ hard,​ but I can show you​ howeasy it​ really is. Take my 10 day email course “Build a​ Website with Ease”[signup form here].  

Thesecond strategy to​ make money online is​ driving traffic to​ your website.

When I say traffic,​ I don’t just mean any old traffic,​ Imean targeted traffic,​ people who are motivated and ready to​ buy can and willmake you​ money. you​ can use programs and techniques such as​ Google Adwords,​bloging,​ article writing and linking to​ drive targeted traffic to​ your website. GoogleAdwords is​ a​ resource offered by Google in​ which you​ can payfor your site to​ be show when certain keywords are queried in​ their searchengine. 

The secret to​ using Adwords is​ not to​ bid high on​ popular keywords. Instead,​what you​ do is​ find similar keywords that still describe your website,​ but are usedmuch less frequent. These keywords will cost much less to​ bid on​ and will allowyou to​ spread your money out over many different keywords,​ getting the​ most bangfor your buck. you​ can use this handy little tool to​ find similar keywords:http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestion/ 

Bloging is​ another greatway to​ drive targeted traffic to​ your website. to​ get the​ most out of​ this techniquethe blog should be hosted on​ the​ same website as​ the​ sales page witch links toyour affiliate program. Once its setup all you​ have to​ do is​ fill your blogwith good quality content. 

I recommend writing your own content which specificallyrelates to​ your affiliate program and or​ products. Once you​ have some contentyou will need to​ submit your RSS feed to​ the​ as​ many blog search engines as​ youcan. This will put your blog out there for other webmasters to​ use as​ content feeds on​ their websites.  

This win-win situation allows webmasters to​ have qualitycontent on​ their website,​ which increases the​ value of​ that website whiledriving targeted traffic directly to​ you. 

This is​ done by the​ URL link that youconveniently placed under your name after the​ blog was written. That means that your link is​ on​ a​ blog feed that is​ onthousands of​ websites. Not only do people click those links but Google seesthese links pointing back to​ you​ and thinks that you’re popular and you​ arerewarded with a​ higher page rank. 

Articlewriting is​ basically the​ same as​ bloging except theinformation in​ an​ article will need to​ have more useful content and be pepperedwith keywords that the​ webmasters are looking for. After completing yourarticle you​ will submit (syndicate) it​ to​ content sites as​ opposed to​ blogsearch engines.

Content sites are places where webmasters go to​ findspecific content to​ offer their readers. if​ you​ are a​ good writer you​ may atsome point build up a​ name for yourself and finagle a​ deal with a​ webmaster towrite exclusives for his site. His readers get great exclusive content and youget highly motivated targeted traffic.

Linking is​ perhaps themost widely used form of​ increasing traffic and page rank. However,​ if​ doneincorrectly you​ could end up hurting your Google page rank and ultimatelyloosing potential buyers. you​ will need your own website for this technique asyou will need a​ ‘links’ page to​ place your reciprocal links on. 

Many people go and submit their URL links to​ link farms inan attempt to​ trick Google into giving them a​ better page rank. This does NOTwork; in​ fact Google has been known to​ penalize websites for engaging in​ theseactivities. 

The secret to​ linking is​ to​ find websites in​ your nichemarket which have a​ Google page rank of​ 4 or​ above and enticing the​ webmasterto list your link on​ their website. you​ may think that you​ would be helpingyour competition,​ well you​ would be. But your competition would be helping youas well. It’s better to​ send leaving traffic to​ a​ partner than just having themclose their browser window,​ and remember that works both ways.    

The strategies listed in​ this article do work and they willincrease you​ sales and residuals it​ done correctly. Reciprocal linking,​ Blogingand Article writing are great ways to​ bring massive amounts of​ high qualitytargeted traffic to​ your website. Those strategies combined with an​ effectivesales page with an​ integrated opt-in email list can make your business soar tonew heights. you​ can and will make money with this system,​ Guaranteed!

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