16 Tips For Offline Marketing

16 Tips For Offline Marketing

1. Answering Machine - This one is​ easy for offline marketing,​ just be sure to​ include your URL,​ dot.com in​ your answering machine messages!

2. Address Labels - Again easy all your outgoing mail for everything use your address labels for more offline marketing of​ your business and website!

3. Business Cards – Definitely use them,​ get in​ the​ habit of​ carrying them with you​ and pass them out “It Works”,​ you​ can even get you​ cards done on​ cd-roms!

4. Company vehicles - We all see vehicles with company names and telephone numbers on​ them driving our streets and motorways. This is​ a​ great idea as​ it​ gives potential customers the​ chance while out and about to​ learn about the​ company and also learn about how to​ contact them should they need the​ service or​ product they offer at​ some stage in​ the​ future. I often wonder why more websites aren't promoted in​ this way by simply adding the​ company website URL also,​ you​ definitely should do this as​ part of​ your Offline Marketing!

5. Flyers – Post flyers on​ free local bulletin boards (grocery stores,​ discount chain stores,​ shopping malls,​ laundromats,​ dry cleaners,​ etc.) print a​ flyer on​ bright yellow paper detailing your web address and your company. BE SURE to​ include your email address,​ URL as​ well as​ your telephone number! Tack the​ flyer to​ bulletin boards all over your town. Keep a​ supply in​ your car for handy offline marketing!

6. Freebies & Giveaways - This method is​ a​ personal favorite of​ mine. it​ involves purchasing and distributing items such as​ pencils,​ pens,​ t-shirts,​ mugs,​ mouse pads,​ calendars,​ key-chains,​ bumper stickers,​ refrigerator magnets and the​ like. All these items will have your URL,​ Logo,​ or​ Email address located somewhere on​ them helping to​ market offline and attract people to​ your website.

7. Christmas Cards – Use your Christmas cards to​ all your customers also for offline marketing with all your info URL,​ email and phone numbers!

8. Checks & Coupons – Again use all your information when using coupons and have your company checks printed with this information!

9. Web decals - are a​ new,​ inexpensive and fun way to​ use offline marketing and attract attention to​ your website. People absolutely love them,​ and they are very simple to​ use. Web decals are made of​ high quality vinyl and printed with state of​ the​ art digital equipment. Display your website address and more in​ bold white or​ black & white letters. People stick them everywhere. in​ your car windows,​ store,​ office and home windows,​ any place with glass!

10. Word of​ Mouth - easiest and a​ very viral form of​ offline marketing,​ your happy customers and friends just pass it​ on!

11. Fax cover sheets - (many people forget this one for offline marketing!)

12. Personal brochures - about you​ and your company!

13. Printed Material - Print your URL (Web site address) everywhere you​ print your business name. Including business cards,​ fliers,​ signage,​ ads,​ product tags,​ labels,​ craft show directories (in shows you​ may be attending) and anywhere else your business name is​ printed!

14. Newspapers,​ classifieds and related magazines - the​ print media which includes newspapers,​ journals and magazines is​ another avenue where your can have your URL exposed for everyone to​ see. It's best first to​ start advertising your products,​ services and URL in​ local newspapers and then if​ successful continue onto regional and national publications. if​ you​ can't afford the​ common graphical advertisement as​ seen throughout newspapers and journals related to​ your industry don't worry as​ most of​ these publications have classified ad sections. Classified ads allow you​ to​ reach a​ targeted audience very cheaply with a​ simple short message and of​ course your URL is​ included in​ there somewhere too again a​ great source of​ offline marketing for your business!

15. Press releases - Press releases using them for offline marketing and promotion. Press releases or​ news releases as​ they're sometimes known are newsworthy stories about your business that you​ send to​ various sections of​ the​ media. These sections of​ the​ media must be related to​ your industry for you​ to​ have any chance of​ success. Newsworthy stories are stories which readers of​ the​ media publications you​ submit to​ might be interested in.

If the​ journalist reads it​ and likes it​ he or​ she may publish it​ or​ some of​ its contents in​ his or​ her publication,​ if​ this happens you're on​ to​ a​ winner because the​ public in​ general are much more responsive to​ a​ news story than a​ plain old hyped up advertisement. This could mean they'll enquire about or​ even purchase your products or​ services.

Using press releases for offline marketing of​ your website uses the​ same principals,​ if​ it's newsworthy release it. Newsworthy events for websites include website launches,​ website re launches and new online services among other items. Also don’t forget online press releases!

16. I. ID-It Plates - These Elegant mini-Billboards promote you​ 365 days a​ year,​ enhance the​ appearance of​ your vehicles,​ last for years and most important,​ give you​ literally Millions of​ Impressions and affordable offline marketing over their lifetime.

Conclusion - Even if​ your business only exits in​ the​ virtual world you​ must realize ALL your customers live and always will live in​ the​ physical world and therefore can be reached much better from the​ physical world. the​ moral of​ the​ story is​ never ever forget about the​ offline marketing and promotion of​ your website. Your success or​ failure could depend on​ it!

16 Tips For Offline Marketing

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