12 Tips For Generating Bright Ideas For Writing

12 Tips For Generating Bright Ideas For Writing

Are you running short of​ ideas for your blogs or​ articles? is​ generating fresh ideas for writing becoming difficult? By following the​ techniques discussed in​ this article,​ you will be a​ writing power house.

1. Subscribe to​ a​ dozen RSS feeds on​ various subjects you are most interested in. Scan through the​ feeds every morning or​ at​ night and select a​ few articles for thorough reading. After reading the​ articles,​ tag them using your own classification system.

Classifying articles in​ different categories helps locate them quickly. Use Google's RSS reader for reading and tagging the​ RSS feeds. You will have access to​ your categorized articles from any computers connected to​ the​ Internet.

2. Subscribe to​ a​ few print magazines and read them regularly. After you finish reading an​ article,​ record the​ main points of​ the​ article in​ a​ Google note. You will have access to​ these notes anywhere in​ the​ World.

3. Use a​ PDA and carry it​ with you wherever you go. Better yet,​ get a​ PDA with a​ camera and cell phone. You will only carry one gadget for all your communication,​ organization,​ and content generation needs.

Take pictures of​ interesting places,​ events,​ and moments you come across in​ your daily life. Use the​ voice recorder of​ the​ PDA to​ record whenever an​ idea hits you. Every night,​ transfer the​ ideas from your PDA to​ Google notes and upload your pictures to​ flickr.

4. Scan through the​ comments posted by others on​ the​ online articles you read regularly. Record interesting ideas,​ pros and cons of​ an​ issue,​ and strong opinions posted by others in​ your Google notes. Leverage the​ wisdom of​ the​ crowd.

5. Have lunch with friends at​ least once a​ week. Bounce ideas off them on​ any topic. Mix ideas from divergent topics to​ create new ideas in​ you own subjects.

6. Use the​ time like driving,​ watching TV while exercising in​ a​ treadmill,​ etc. to​ think about your favorite topics and try to​ relate to​ things you observe on​ the​ road and on​ the​ TV. When you get an​ idea,​ record it​ in​ your PDA.

7. Go through all the​ ideas and articles you have recorded in​ Google notes and your RSS reader to​ create new ideas by giving new twists to​ the​ old ideas. Combine two or​ more ideas and change or​ improve an​ existing idea to​ come up with your own idea.

8. Use a​ variety of​ online tools like Technorati,​ Digg,​ Delicious,​ etc. for writing inspiration. Every hour,​ hundreds of​ new articles and news stories are posted in​ these sites. Check Yahoo's buzz log to​ find out what people are talking about and searching for. Quickly scan them to​ hit a​ few gold nuggets that can serve as​ springboards for new ideas.

9. Using on-line tools discussed earlier,​ select an​ issue and jot down all the​ pros and cons. Search Google to​ enhance the​ idea by adding more pros and cons. Once you have collected a​ dozen diverse opinions,​ you will be able to​ write an​ article based on​ those facts in​ a​ pro-con format.

10. if​ you are good at​ using data for analysis and comfortable in​ the​ use of​ a​ spreadsheet,​ draw charts in​ the​ spreadsheet and look for patterns in​ the​ data. Provide you own interpretation to​ the​ data. Illustrate your articles with charts and graphs.

11. to​ generate topics for your article,​ use overture keyword selector. Select a​ single keyword and run it​ through the​ overture. You will see a​ dozen or​ more keywords based on​ the​ search popularity. Copy a​ few selected keywords to​ a​ notepad. Now,​ take each keyword and do a​ search in​ online sites like Digg,​ Technorati,​ etc. You will see a​ number of​ articles. Read them to​ generate ideas.

12. Ask yourself what if,​ what else,​ and why not questions on​ an​ issue and search the​ Internet to​ find answers from different sources. Create new ideas generated from existing materials,​ provide step-by-step guide for somebody to​ practice an​ obvious idea,​ or​ offer benefits of​ practicing an​ old idea.

12 Tips For Generating Bright Ideas For Writing

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