12 Amazing Ways To Sell Your Slow Moving Products

12 Amazing Ways To Sell Your Slow Moving Products

1. you​ could giveaway the product for​ free from your​ web site. Just because it​ won't sell doesn't mean people won't visit your​ web site to​ get it​ for​ free. Give it​ away with a​ minimum purchase order.

2. Try auctioning off the product at​ an​ online auction​ like Ebay. you​ may make part of​ your​ investment back. if​ you're lucky, you​ may even make a​ profit because people sometimes get into bidding wars and​ will bid a​ higher price than the product is​ worth.

3. Tie the product in​ as​ a​ free bonus for​ one of​ the more popualar products you​ sell. this​ will increase the perceived value of​ the
product you're selling. People will feel they're receiving more for​ less.

4. Contact businesses with the same target market and​ see if​ they would be interested in​ using your​ product as​ a​ free bonus for​ their product. you​ could place your​ ad on​ the product and​ get free advertising.

5. Sell your​ product to​ businesses at​ wholesale cost as​ a​ promotional product. Businesses are always looking for​ products they can giveaway to​ their customers with their advertising on​ the product. you​ could make part of​ your​ investment back.

6. you​ could create an​ online contest so people could win​ your​ product. this​ will attract traffic to​ your​ web site. you​ also could get free advertising by listing it​ on​ online contest directories.

7. Ask businesses with the same target audience if​ they would be interested in​ combining your​ product with their product. you​ could then sell them together as​ a​ package deal and​ split the profits. you​ may have better results selling your​ product this​ way.

8. if​ you​ are a​ internet-only business, see if​ one of​ the local smaller shops in​ your​ area would like to​ display your​ product. Use one or​ more of​ the above strategies to​ get them to​ retail your​ product.

9. Offer a​ future discount. Instead of​ giving away the product, offer a​ future discount on​ other products if​ they purchase your​ slow-moving product.

10. Offer a​ free service. if​ you​ owned a​ beauty shop, offer a​ free haircut or​ a​ style if​ they buy this​ product. Tie it​ in​ with another product so the consumer doesn’t see that you​ are trying to​ get rid of​ that product.

11. Offer a​ quantity discount when they purchase more than one of​ that item. you​ can increase the discount by how many products they order. if​ they order 3 it's a​ 10% discount, if​ they order 5 it's a​ 20% discount.

12. When you're selling a​ product you​ could offer similar products in​ a​ package deal. Tell the people the other products are cheaper with the
package deal versus purchasing them separately.

12 Amazing Ways To Sell Your Slow Moving Products

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