10 Viral Marketing Strategies To Try

10 Viral Marketing Strategies To Try

Viral advertising and viral marketing are popular means of​ allowing people to​ freely pass along or​ distribute your free product,​ service and / or​ information to​ others. the​ main viral concept is​ that you​ include your targeted ad with the​ freebie so that hopefully a​ percentage of​ the​ recipients will read your ad and order paid products and services from you​ at​ some point in​ the​ future.

To help you​ kick start some viral campaigns,​ here are 10 viral marketing strategies:

1. Give other people the​ right to​ reprint your articles. They can use them on​ websites,​ in​ ecourses,​ guides,​ ezines,​ print newsletters,​ magazines,​ reports,​ ebooks and more,​ so in​ your resource box or​ byline at​ the​ end of​ the​ article,​ include permission for others to​ reprint the​ piece,​ keeping the​ resource box intact.

2. Set up an​ online forum or​ discussion board with your banner ad at​ the​ top and share it​ with others who do not have anything similar for their sites. Invite forum subscribers to​ link up in​ a​ similar manner.

3. Create and package a​ special report,​ an​ ebook,​ learning series or​ other item from time to​ time,​ and insert your ads in​ all of​ them. Invite your clients,​ prospects and others to​ include these specials as​ freebies or​ free bonuses for their own clients,​ prospects,​ members and others.

4. Set up free web sites on​ your server and include your company banner with link somewhere on​ the​ page for promotions. Then give away the​ free space,​ requiring people to​ keep your banner ad in​ place in​ exchange for the​ hosting service at​ no charge.

5. Set up a​ free link directory. Then invite others to​ add their links to​ your directory in​ exchange for a​ return a​ link back to​ your directory site.

6. Offer some type of​ free online service like free 5-minute consulting sessions or​ e-mails,​ search engine,​ domain or​ RSS submissions,​ etc. Then invite others to​ share these services with their subscribers,​ website visitors and others.

7. Create or​ outsource the​ creation of​ new software. Brand it. Then invite people to​ give it​ away free to​ others.

8. Create or​ outsource the​ creation of​ some awesome web site templates and / or​ graphics. Brand them. Then invite people to​ use them and give them away free to​ others.

9. Create or​ outsource the​ creation of​ an​ ebook,​ report or​ other info product. Brand the​ content with your ads. Then invite others to​ insert their own free ads in​ exchange for promoting the​ item(s) to​ their lists,​ in​ their ezines,​ on​ their websites,​ etc.

10. Once again,​ create or​ outsource the​ creation of​ an​ ebook,​ report or​ other info product. And brand the​ content with your ads. This time simply give the​ item(s) away,​ and invite recipients to​ also give the​ item(s) away.

So kick start your own viral campaigns. See what works best for your products and services,​ and then repeat accordingly with new campaigns all year long to​ keep a​ healthy flow of​ leads coming your way.

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