10 Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs

10 Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs
Nothing happens in​ business until a​ sale is​ made .​
Marketing is​ simply about getting new customers and keeping them .​
If you’re not doing something everyday to​ market and promote your business,​ your competitors are .​
Here are ten easy-to-implement tips to​ effectively market and grow your business:
1 .​
Partner with large email database list owners and offer to​ cross promote each oher .​
The list owner will advertise your event,​ product,​ or​ service to​ their email database and you’ll offer to​ do the​ same to​ your list.
2 .​
Create your own blog which is​ an​ online journal with frequently updated posts to​ entertain and excite existing and potential customers .​
It’s more personal and immediate then a​ website and keeps people engaged and hopefully coming back for more .​
You can even create one for free at​ www.blogger.com.
3 .​
If you​ want to​ increase word-of-mouth fast,​ do something beyond normal industry expectations .​
For example,​ Mr .​
Lube offers fast and affordable tune-up service to​ customers right on​ the​ spot,​ without having to​ leave the​ car,​ while offering coffee,​ cappuccino,​ and a​ fresh newspaper.
4 .​
Always ask happy clients for endorsements or​ testimonials and put them on​ your website and other marketing collateral .​
They’re worth their weight in​ gold .​
Try to​ get some recognizable names in​ your community for additional cachet.
5 .​
Put a​ special offer or​ product advertorial on​ every invoice and statement you​ send out .​
Likewise,​ you​ can also negotiate a​ deal with another company to​ advertise your product or​ service on​ all their invoices for a​ percentage of​ revenues from placed orders.
6 .​
Make your business cards stand out and be natural keepers .​
Offer important information on​ the​ back such as​ emergency phone numbers,​ a​ map,​ or​ special dates to​ remember .​
Have a​ slogan that offers a​ powerful benefit statement to​ your prospective customer.
7 .​
Offer special bonus packages with your product or​ service offering .​
Get corporate sponsors to​ give away products as​ part of​ the​ bonus package in​ exchange for free exposure.
8 .​
Align your business with a​ cause or​ charity .​
Give back to​ your community .​
Customers appreciate doing business with companies that are bettering their communities and the​ environment and being good corporate citizens.
9 .​
Find an​ angle that makes your work controversial .​
The banning of​ Mark Twain's the​ Adventures of​ Huckleberry Finn,​ reviewed as​ trashy and vicious,​ was a​ blessing in​ disguise .​
Twain made a​ poster advertising the​ ban,​ which significantly increased sales.
10 .​
Post frequently in​ online message boards/forums relevant to​ your business or​ expertise .​
Include your signature and offer tips and valuable advice .​
Eventually you​ will begin gaining word-of-mouth exposure as​ a​ leader in​ your field .​
Posting messages with your company information also helps to​ increase your search engine rankings and drive traffic to​ your site.
[Excerpted from Sharif Khan’s new ebooklet: 101 Ways to​ Market Your Business,​ tinyurl.com/m2nsf ].

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