Zombie Computers Roam The Internet

Zombie Computers Roam The Internet

Zombie Computers Roam the​ Internet
Spyware and viruses are so common that you would be hard pressed to​ find anyone that isn’t aware of​ them .​
Under the​ umbrella term Malware,​ these little programs have been causing trouble for computer users for many years,​ and they seem to​ get more powerful everyday .​
a​ new incarnation of​ malware is​ becoming very common as​ of​ late,​ and it​ involves using a​ virus or​ trojan horse to​ place a​ computer under the​ remote control of​ a​ hacker .​
The controlled computer is​ referred to​ as​ a​ zombie and it​ is​ used to​ commit various dastardly deeds without the​ knowledge of​ the​ computer owner.
Zombie computers are almost always attached to​ the​ Internet via a​ broadband connection such as​ DSL or​ Satellite Internet .​
This is​ important as​ spammers have found that by using zombie computers to​ send out their junk mail they can easily avoid detection .​
As of​ 2005 it​ was estimated that up to​ 80% of​ all spam was sent via zombie computers,​ and that number is​ on​ the​ rise.
The increase can be attributed to​ smarter hackers and better technology,​ but the​ real driving causes behind the​ increased zombie trend are better spam filters and anti-spam laws .​
According to​ Tom Spring at​ PC World Magazine,​ spammers are hiring virus writers and hackers to​ help them create armies of​ zombie PCs to​ send spam .​
This union of​ hackers and spammers has been beneficial to​ both parties in​ opening new revenue steams that are extremely difficult to​ shut down.
Gregg Mastoras,​ a​ senior security analyst at​ the​ security firm Sophos says,​ a​ new underground economy is​ evolving .​
This new economy is​ for the​ most part illegal and to​ date impossible to​ stop completely.
As of​ late the​ Chinese hackers have thrown their hat into the​ game and have taken the​ zombie computer business to​ the​ next level .​
Senior Pentagon Advisor Paul Strassmann recently said,​ As of​ September 14th 2007 there were exactly 735,​598 computers in​ the​ United States infested with Chinese zombies.
Large groups of​ zombie computers can be used to​ form a​ botnet or​ network of​ slave computers .​
This network can be used to​ send out millions of​ spam mails in​ a​ short period of​ time .​
Slave networks are also used to​ commit a​ DoS attack .​
DoS attacks,​ or​ Denial of​ Service,​ target a​ particular website and overwhelm the​ server with information requests until the​ server can no longer handle the​ load .​
These attacks or​ in​ no way secretive,​ and once discovered are easily shut down .​
There will be a​ period of​ time however when site traffic will be disrupted by the​ DoS attack .​
Larger more sophisticated networks such as​ those used by governments or​ large firms have defensive measures in​ place to​ prevent damage from a​ DoS attack.

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