Your Personal Computer Is Your Friend And Companion In The Modern World

Your Personal Computer Is Your Friend And Companion In The Modern World

Your Personal Computer is​ Your Friend And Companion In the​ Modern World
As forecast by many in​ the​ 1980s computers are finally taking over the​ world .​
You will find them in​ every office and nearly every home .​
People use them to​ manage their lives .​
You can manage your money online,​ pay bills and shop over the​ Internet .​
You can also keep in​ touch with friends and family all over the​ world .​
If you do not learn how to​ use a​ computer,​ you are going to​ be left behind.
You will find computers in​ gas stations,​ hospitals,​ stores both large and small,​ beauty shops,​ restaurants and more .​
There are many self-service computers around,​ synchronized with their headquarter databases .​
It is​ impossible to​ escape computers nowadays .​
Banking,​ for example,​ is​ self-serviced through ATM machines .​
Gas stations are self-serviced by their use of​ menu-clad touch screens .​
a​ lot of​ cash registers run on​ a​ Windows system and send purchase details via the​ internet back to​ headquarters .​
If you have your blood pressure or​ heart rate measured,​ that is​ also a​ digital process .​
You can even order fast food by dialing and making your selection from pre-programmed menus by pressing the​ buttons on​ your phone!
It is​ highly likely that all paper-based transactions (money orders,​ checks etc) and documentation (filing cabinet systems etc) will become obsolete .​
Post offices will have a​ lot less work as​ paperwork decreases .​
Homes will be using less paper and our natural resources will be preserved because of​ this.

If you are not good with computers or​ have never used one,​ this might well make you feel worried .​
Luckily,​ computer systems are designed for ease of​ use,​ so even a​ child could understand and use them .​
Many systems are designed with menus and selections so you just need to​ press the​ buttons according to​ your choices .​
Computerized systems have been deliberately designed like this,​ so that everyone is​ capable of​ using them.
If you have to​ use an​ electronic system,​ look at​ the​ main menu .​
The main menu will probably appear as​ soon as​ you turn the​ device on​ .​
The buttons on​ the​ main menu have options that take you to​ other additional menus,​ where you have more choices to​ make .​
You can choose the​ service that you need in​ this way.
Remember that if​ you make a​ mistake or​ press the​ wrong button,​ the​ device is​ not going to​ blow up! You can easily get back to​ the​ main menu and start again if​ you need to​ .​
Every time you use a​ similar device,​ it​ will get easier.

On many electronic devices you will find a​ ‘help’ option which you can click if​ you get confused .​
If it​ is​ available,​ be sure to​ use it​ if​ you need to.
There is​ really no way to​ avoid computerized systems in​ the​ modern world .​
There is​ no need to​ be afraid of​ them either .​
If you remember how simple the​ menu system is​ to​ use,​ you will find out that you can approach and use these devices as​ if​ you had designed them yourself.

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