Your Computer Is Your Enemy

The old cliché,​ "If you want a​ friend,​ get a​ dog" still stands in​ the​ 21st Century. it​ is​ well established in​ the​ medical community that animals can do much to​ extend the​ human life span as​ well as​ improve the​ quality of​ life. Don't live on​ or​ vicariously through your computer.

A pastor once said his job was to​ comfort the​ afflicted and to​ afflict the​ comfortable. Thus we​ have the​ difference between a​ real live pet and an​ inanimate electro-mechanical object - in​ this case the​ personal computer. the​ pet comforts while the​ computer,​ improperly used and/or over used,​ is​ a​ thief and a​ murderer.

Besides,​ the​ computer,​ especially if​ you run a​ Microsoft Operating System and Microsoft production software,​ requires much more maintenance than does a​ pet. This alone is​ enough to​ drive most users' blood pressure through the​ roof. How many times do you suspect that needs to​ happen before it​ begins to​ take a​ toll on​ the​ human body? it​ is​ even more aggravating than the​ days when we​ only received three (3) snowy channels on​ a​ small black and white television and each channel required another trip outside in​ the​
rain,​ in​ the​ cold,​ in​ the​ snow,​ in​ the​ heat to​ adjust the​ huge antenna attached to​ a​ corner of​ the​ house which spilled the​ rain directly into your face as​ you looked up to​ see in​ which direction the​ antenna was pointing. if​ you were lucky someone was in​ the​ house calling to​ you when you got the​ best picture.

You know what I am talking about... like when your computer locks up with a​ box popping up on​ the​ monitor's screen saying it​ needs to​ restart now,​ and won't let you do anything else until you acquiesce and reboot. There goes your last few minutes of​ work. Another blood pressure jump! it​ sure is​ for the​ Tennessee Mountain Man!

Father may know best,​ but mother knows even better and she always made the​ children set across the​ room from the​ TV concerned about it​ ruining their vision. Now that same mom allows the​ children and grandchildren to​ set on​ top of​ a​ twenty-one (21) inch monitor,​ even closer to​ a​ laptop,​ and play games ad infinitum. the​ result being more and more of​ our children are wearing glasses and contact lenses at​ younger and younger ages.

Mom also insisted that little ones spend much more time outside playing in​ the​ yard than obsessing over the​ magic box in​ the​ corner,​ and the​ children were healthier. There were fewer cases of​ childhood diabetes and hardly any childhood obesity.

Children learned skills greater than cheating x-box and PSP,​ and mom and pop never heard of​ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. the​ computer man and everyone else is​ seemingly required to​ work on​ or​ at​ computer consoles to​ some extent these days. as​ a​ result,​ the​ entire family now either suffers from a​ computer related ailment or​ is​ at​ real risk of​ developing one.

With the​ advent and prevalence of​ the​ personal computer and gaming gizmos,​ the​ heart,​ which is​ a​ muscle,​ gets little or​ no exercise. as​ if​ the​ TV did not create enough couch potatoes resulting in​ what amounts to​ atrophy of​ the​ heart muscle,​ the​ PC seems to​ have claimed the​ remainder of​ man.

A computer cannot hold you on​ cold nights or​ enjoy a​ walk hand-n-hand with you in​ the​ moonlight. it​ cannot comfort you when you are sick or​ improve your mood when you are sad. it​ cannot feed you when you are hungry nor give you a​ drink when you are thirsty... at​ least not yet. the​ PC cannot yet carry on​ a​ civil or​ reasoned conversation. Irrespective of​ one's addictions and all the​ attractions on​ the​ internet,​ it​ is​ not true social interaction and it​ certainly cannot satisfy the​ libido try as​ some may.

Used improperly it​ can and does drive wedges between husbands and wives,​ and between children and parents. Like a​ drug,​ once addicted,​ and it​ is​ addictive,​ it​ can cost one his job and it​ has. Like a​ nosy gossiping neighbor or​ ticked off lover,​ it​ has the​ propensity to​ tell the​ world (friend and foe alike) everything it​ knows (both good and bad) about you. And,​ in​ case you didn't know,​ there are hackers from people with malicious intentions,​ to​ your employer,​ to​ Microsoft,​ to​ insurance companies,​ to​ financial institutions,​ to​ the​ government who have the​ ability to​ ask your computer what it​ knows about you whenever they wish. And,​ your computer... your friend in​ whom you confide everything,​ like a​ spurned lover is​ more than willing to​ betray her paramour and spill her guts literally.

My computer... my friend? With such friends who needs enemies?

If you don't know how to​ protect yourself from a​ gabby computer you might want to​ seek the​ help of​ professionals like the​ folks at​ Remote Helpdesk 1. Now shut the​ glib computer down,​ and go outside and play.

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