You May Think That Your Home Computer Network Is As Safe As Bug In A Rug It Is Not

You May Think That Your Home Computer Network Is As Safe As Bug In A
Rug It Is Not

You May Think That Your Home Computer Network is​ As Safe As Bug In a​ Rug - It is​ Not
You may think that your home computer internet network is​ as​ safe as​ a​ bug in​ a​ rug .​
After all your Linksys or​ D-Link brand or​ another popular brand offers state of​ the​ art security features .​
Perhaps you have the​ standard WEP 64,​ or​ the​ safe as​ the​ banks WEP 128 encryption format .​
Perhaps you have even gone one step further to​ the​ ultra newer safe WPA router data security formats or​ even to​ greater security heights.
Your computer network is​ ultra secure .​
Or so you think and have beer reassured .​
Perhaps you have even had a​ computer security professional do the​ setup and maintenance,​
And yet your personal data or​ banking information may be stolen .​
Your children may be directed to​ bad internet sites or​ worse .​
Your windows security updates may be compromised leaving your computer and network open to​ wide and wider scale attacks on​ your computer .​
Your confidential passwords – whether they are for email,​ medical,​ airline or​ even banking may be compromised or​ stolen .​
Finally your computer may be utilized as​ a​ zombie in​ large scale denial of​ service attacks on​ the​ internet .​
Your computer and many thousands of​ other may be set,​ waiting patiently for long periods of​ time,​ to​ be activated as​ a​ sleeper agent .​
Which along with many thousand of​ other remote computers are set on​ secret activation to​ altogether overwhelm some target whether it​ be government computers,​ the​ CNN online news network or​ whatever?
How are all of​ these threats possible? Computer security is​ always a​ case of​ cat and mouse with human ingenuity always at​ the​ root of​ the​ game .​
the​ hackers do this,​
The computer security network react to​ fix the​ security hole it​ issue – whether it​ be Microsoft,​ Apple Computer or​ the​ Computer Hardware of​ Computer Hardware accessories manufacturers .​
And then the​ computer hackers think of​ an​ alternate means of​ attack.
In this case,​ even though it​ apparently seems that even though your wireless or​ simple cabled non wireless computer network has another gaping security hole .​
Home routers are at​ risk of​ being compromised by remote hackers .​
As a​ result of​ innocently or​ inadvertently visiting web pages malicious standard java script type software can access the​ controls of​ your home router and reset the​ controls inside the​ router to​ cause you big trouble.
Your router can be set to​ visit certain sites instead of​ where you wish to​ go .​
This may be simply to​ redirect you to​ sites containing advertising of​ the​ villain’s daily choice .​
You may be taken inadvertently to​ websites which in​ a​ flash download further viscous and mean software,​ on​ a​ regular basis .​
Or even worse you may be taken to​ fake sites which are not what they represent .​
For example you may well type in​ the​ bank of​ America website .​
You may even have searched the​ name by Google .​
You will think you are being directed to​ this banking website where you enter your account name and password only to​ discover you cannot access your account because you are a​ bogus copy of​ the​ front page of​ that website whose purpose is​ to​ steal your banking account and passwords.
the​ answer to​ this security problem is​ simple .​
Simply change the​ administration password in​ your router from the​ default out of​ the​ box,​ out of​ the​ manual and factory to​ anything else.
As a​ result the​ malicious java script will not be able to​ unlock and enter your router and do its damage .​
the​ simple answer to​ these router security issues and securing your router firmly is​ to​ easily and simply change the​ administration password on​ your router – whether it​ is​ wireless or​ a​ wired router .​
Now your home computer network and router will be safe from this threat.

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