You Got To Protect Your Computer

You Got To Protect Your Computer

You Got To Protect Your Computer
These days it​ is​ a​ must to​ have a​ good,​ reliable virus protection program .​
There happens to​ be a​ many good free virus protection software packages out on​ the​ internet today .​
The only way to​ protect our pc today is​ using software that acts like a​ antidote to​ the​ disease .​
By using this software you can take preventive measures of​ stopping the​ disease before it​ infects the​ system.
Removable media such as​ cds,​ floppy disks,​ usb keys that are infected and used in​ another system can carry the​ virus and infect the​ other machine .​
If you computer is​ infected with a​ virus you will need to​ remove the​ virus as​ soon as​ possible otherwise it​ can infect the​ system completely and spread to​ others .​
If a​ computer is​ infected by a​ computer virus the​ computer needs to​ be scanned by virus scanning software .​
When surfing the​ internet most likely you been infected with a​ Trojan,​ virus,​ or​ some type of​ spyware,​ according to​ many virus detection agencies,​ the​ unprotected PC is​ infected on​ average within 20 minutes of​ normal internet usage .​
Many systems get infected every day,​ you must take safety measures or​ your system might get infected,​ and the​ virus might corrupt your data on​ your system .​
a​ Computer Worm is​ a​ self replicating program,​ the​ first worm to​ gain wide attention was the​ Morris Worm this infected a​ large number of​ computers and earned its writer 400 hours of​ community service and over $10000 in​ fines .​
When a​ virus infects you computer it​ can replicate itself,​ use up system resources,​ allow a​ user remote access,​ record keystrokes to​ the​ infected computer,​ it​ also has the​ ability to​ destroy personal data.
You must take precautions because when you download it​ may contain spyware,​ adware or​ viruses,​ spyware and adware can collect personal data,​ record your browsing habits and no more about you .​
Ad and Spyware are programs that are automatically installed on​ your computer.
When your computer is​ infected with a​ virus they are designed to​ alter your normal computer functions and spyware infections are used to​ spy on​ you,​ one way they do this is​ by recording your personal information .​
Many times adware,​ viruses and spyware find what is​ called a​ back door to​ install and replicated itself you in​ your computer.
Downloading may sometimes cause error on​ the​ system or​ the​ entire computer system may crash .​
Many spyware or​ viruses are downloaded when downloading software and music .​
Many viruses can lay dormant without you knowing this,​ since you don’t know it​ is​ there it​ can attack at​ any moment when least expect it,​ it​ could attack when typing a​ report and downloading important .​
Whether you have learned your lesson from a​ past experience or​ not,​ try not to​ download unwanted files or​ open email messages sent to​ you by people you don’t know .​
Many people do all of​ this without any real understanding of​ just how vulnerable they are each time they are on​ the​ internet .​
Try to​ take precautions,​ find reputable software and install it​ to​ protect your system .​
There is​ free software on​ the​ web that will protect your system.

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