You Dont Provide A Wireless Connection At Your Hotel Yet

You Dont Provide A Wireless Connection At Your Hotel Yet

In this article I will be discussing rental property and​ hotels that do not yet provide wireless Internet to​ their renters. Almost all laptops today have the​ ability to​ automatically detect and​ connect to​ wireless Internet providers.

Most businesspeople who travel and​ even many that are on vacation bring their laptops along for​ work and​ for​ play. These people look for​ hotels, motels, short-term apartments, and​ vacation rentals that provide wireless Internet as​ part of​ their rental agreement.

These days a​ hotel that does not provide a​ wireless Internet connection for​ their guest is​ severely handicapped in​ regards to​ getting more reservations. There are many hotel and​ motel owners, resort owners, apartment building owners and​ others that still hold back on adding a​ wireless Internet connection. They simply don't want to​ pay for​ it.

What they do not realize is​ that they are already paying more for​ not having a​ wireless connection than they would be by having one.

Whenever a​ businessperson travels and​ calls to​ make a​ reservation, saying "No we do not provide a​ wireless Internet connection", is​ the​ same as​ me offering you a​ dollar and​ you saying, "No thanks, already have one."

You pay to​ list your property on websites and​ in​ newspapers, the​ phone book and​ other places. You do not know how many people see your ad or​ your listing and​ see that your hotel or​ property does not have a​ wireless connection and​ do not even bother calling you. So you cannot tell how much business you are losing just by those that do call and​ ask that question.

Also many hotel owners do not know how easy and​ inexpensive a​ wireless connection is​ to​ install. Some people are just set in​ their ways. “Well, we’ve never offered that and​ we’re doing okay.” That is​ the​ attitude of​ someone who is​ satisfied or​ one whose business is​ on the​ decline.

A wireless connection will pay for​ itself easily through the​ extra rentals you will get and​ don’t even know that you are missing right now.

Some hotels and​ rentals want to​ charge extra for​ the​ Internet connection. Again, the​ money you bring in​ from those who are willing to​ pay extra will not be more than the​ money you lose from those that will not rent from you because they can get Internet service free elsewhere.

Also, you want your short-term rental, vacation rental, hotel, or​ motel to​ seem like it​ is​ a​ classy place to​ stay. Charging for​ each little additional service does not do anything to​ enhance your guest’s impression of​ your hotel or​ other rental.

You Dont Provide A Wireless Connection At Your Hotel Yet

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