You Dont Have To Be A Programmer To Fix Computer Errors

You Dont Have To Be A Programmer To Fix Computer Errors

You Don't Have To Be a​ Programmer To Fix Computer Errors
Nothing is​ more frustrating than a​ computer that constantly freezes up,​ hangs and crashes on​ you at​ the​ worst possible times!
I have had my share of​ frustrating run-ins with my own PC,​ and have threatened it​ with swift and painful death many times whenever it​ gave me errors...but for some reason that never seemed to​ work!
I now know of​ a​ far easier way to​ solve computer error a​ top rated registry cleaner scan on​ your system at​ least once a​ week...
It doesn't matter what version of​ Windows you are running,​ sooner or​ later you will most likely get an​ error of​ some kind (there are thousands to​ choose from) and you'll start searching for ways to​ eliminate that error as​ quickly as​ possible!
Some of​ the​ more common errors I​ have had to​ deal with over the​ years are: windows freezes,​ long program hang times,​ computer crashes (very annoying!),​ runtime errors,​ fatal errors (sounds serious),​ blue screen of​ death,​ and others...
Just imagine trying to​ troubleshoot your Windows operating system by yourself,​ and figuring out which program,​ entry,​ corrupted registry key,​ etc.. .​
is​ actually 'causing' the​ error to​ begin with...
That task might not sound daunting for a​ Microsoft programmer,​ but for the​ 'normal' person,​ there are better things to​ do with your time (like watching grass grow)
So you have the​ choice then,​ of​ paying a​ computer technician $60- dollars to​ come out to​ your house and fix your computer errors and problems for you...or you can download a​ highly effective 'registry cleaner' and run a​ scan on​ your computer by pushing one button.
Registry cleaners are actually designed (by computer programmers) to​ eliminate errors,​ clean,​ defragment and compress your windows registry (a location within Windows where all critical data about every program loaded on​ your computer is​ stored).
Most registry cleaners will find problems and fix them,​ but some of​ the​ better programs will allow you to​ schedule when they should run automatically (set it​ up and forget about it) .​
And they will allow you to​ control and manage startup programs,​ set system restore points in​ case anything bad happens,​ and actually show you where specific problems were found and what kind of​ PC errors they are.
There are a​ few things each person who is​ serious about keeping their computer running as​ fast as​ the​ day they brought it​ home should have in​ their maintenance arsenal:
* a​ good registry cleaner
* a​ good spyware remover
* a​ good anti virus program
* a​ good anti spam program
Having these tools can and WILL save you a​ lot of​ grief!
Who wants their identity to​ be stolen because of​ spyware running on​ their system? Who wants all their valuable data corrupted and unuseable because of​ a​ virus that slipped through and infected your entire system? Who wants to​ put up with a​ slow computer that gives you errors every time you turn it​ on? Not me!
The investment in​ a​ good registry cleaner can do the​ most good for your computer,​ as​ it​ will allow you to​ concentrate on​ actually using your PC instead of​ spending time reinstalling windows in​ an​ attempt to​ eliminate errors and make your computer faster.
I have spent countless hours (days even) doing exactly that in​ the​ past,​ because I​ was so disgusted with my PC I​ just couldn't take it​ anymore...and I​ remember exactly how fun it​ was to​ reinstall 50+ windows programs and go through all those program settings to​ get them back to​ the​ way I​ liked them!
I find satisfaction in​ helping others to​ avoid wasting as​ much time as​ I​ did trying to​ fix computer errors...

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