You Can Build Your Own Doghouse

Anybody who owns a​ dog will know that they can be expensive. Vets bills and food supplies soon mount up and this is​ why so many dogs end up abandoned in​ rescue centers or​ put out on​ to​ the​ street. Responsible dog owners are aware of​ the​ costs which a​ pet incurs and so go into it​ with their eyes open. However,​ an​ unnecessary expense is​ that involved with the​ purchase of​ a​ doghouse.

Many dog owners allow their pets to​ sleep in​ the​ home with them,​ thus eradicating the​ need for an​ exterior doghouse. But others prefer to​ distance themselves somewhat from their pets,​ preferring them to​ sleep outside at​ night. For these owners,​ the​ need to​ buy a​ doghouse is​ essential. These can range from budget buys which are little more than a​ wooden shell,​ to​ hugely extravagant constructions complete with a​ porch and stairs to​ make their kennel into a​ luxury home. Obviously,​ the​ cost rises proportionately to​ the​ quality of​ the​ doghouse. However,​ there is​ an​ alternative option.

You could build your own doghouse. you​ would still be required to​ pay for the​ supplies and you​ would have to​ do the​ work yourself but it​ means that you​ can tailor the​ doghouse to​ your pet. a​ doghouse should be large enough for your pet to​ comfortably turn but no bigger than that in​ order for it​ to​ retain the​ dog’s body heat and so self-insulate to​ a​ degree. Most readily available dog houses that you​ can buy from pet stores or​ similar places are a​ fairly standard size. Given that your doghouse should be sized in​ relation to​ your specific dog,​ you​ may find that,​ if​ you​ have a​ particularly large or​ small dog,​ that the​ shop bought ones are not ideal. Therefore,​ building your own can solve this problem.

There are a​ few things to​ remember when buying the​ materials for your doghouse. the​ first is​ to​ ensure that the​ doghouse is​ raised from the​ floor slightly to​ prevent moisture from seeping into the​ wood. the​ second is​ to​ ensure that you​ purchase exterior grade plywood and not pressure treated plywood. Exterior grade is​ slightly harder to​ come by as​ the​ majority of​ hardware stores sell pressure treated. However,​ this is​ treated with chemicals which may be harmful to​ your dog if​ they chew it.

These are the​ main things you​ need to​ adhere to​ when building your own doghouse. as​ long as​ these three areas,​ the​ size,​ raised from the​ ground and use of​ correct wood,​ are correct you​ can pretty much do what you​ like in​ terms of​ design and build. Why not decorate the​ finished doghouse to​ suit your pet’s personality? That is​ what I call a​ designer home!

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