Yo Quiero Chihuahuas The Tiny Lap Dog With The Big Personality

Yo Quiero Chihuahuas The Tiny Lap Dog With The Big Personality

This small,​ spunky dog breed is​ famous for coining the​ phrase Yo quiero Taco Bell. Who doesn't remember the​ commercials in​ which the​ Chihuahua expressed his love for Taco Bell food? Tiny and energetic,​ the​ Chihuahua typically weighs between 2-6 lbs and is​ 6 inches to​ 9 inches in​ height. They are one of​ the​ longest living dog breeds,​ sometimes living up to​ 20 years.

The Chihuahua is​ recognized by the​ AKC. Any color including solid,​ splashed and marked are acceptable coat colors. the​ Chihuahua has two coat types. One is​ smooth,​ short,​ close and glassy. the​ other is​ long,​ soft,​ flat and slightly curly with an​ undercoat. Contrary to​ what you​ would expect,​ the​ short coated dogs shed more than those with long hair. the​ short and long haired dogs are actually the​ same breed so you​ will often find both short and long haired puppies in​ the​ same litter. Short haired Chihuahuas need an​ occasional brushing while long haired Chihuahuas need brushed daily.

Born to​ be a​ family companion,​ the​ Chihuahua needs lots of​ attention and family time. They are very energetic and need plenty of​ play time. Since they are active indoors,​ they make good apartment dogs,​ but they do enjoy an​ occasional walk outside. They love to​ be spoiled and will encourage you​ to​ spoil them. Many owners find themselves buying puppy clothes for their spoiled Chihuahuas. Chihuahuas work best when they are the​ only pet in​ the​ household. They can be aggressive with other dogs and pets,​ even those that outweigh them by 100 pounds. if​ you​ have other pets in​ the​ household,​ they should be socialized with them from puppyhood. Homes with small children or​ children that are not well behaved are not ideal homes for Chihuahuas as​ they can be quick to​ snap if​ they are being picked on. They make great watchdogs as​ they will let you​ know if​ they hear an​ unfamiliar noise or​ see a​ stranger. They have a​ tendency to​ be wary of​ strangers. you​ need to​ be aware that sometimes the​ Molera or​ soft spot on​ their head does not close until they are older and sometimes they never close at​ all. Be careful to​ avoid injury.

Mexico is​ considered to​ be the​ Chihuahua's country of​ origin. Many sources believe that they have Asian ancestry as​ well. Their name is​ pronounced chi-WAH-wah. They have always been known as​ companion dogs.

Small,​ energetic and affectionate,​ the​ Chihuahua is​ a​ loyal family pet. They will be like your shadow when you​ are at​ home and are happiest when they have someone home with them most of​ the​ time. They also like to​ travel with their families. Light on​ the​ wallet as​ they eat little and are a​ fairly healthy breed,​ the​ Chihuahua is​ an​ excellent choice for families willing to​ let them have the​ spotlight and attention that they need.

Yo Quiero Chihuahuas The Tiny Lap Dog With The Big Personality

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