Yikes I Saw A Flea On My Dog

At some stage of​ your pet's lifespan every pet owner will have to​ deal with the​ problem of​ fleas,​ ticks and mites. if​ left untreated they can take over your pet's skin and coat so it​ is​ really important to​ keep it​ under control. It's best to​ stop the​ problem before it​ gets out of​ control. Rather treat your pet for a​ few fleas than treat the​ whole house for an​ infestation!

There are some misconceptions about fleas. it​ is​ not something that only happens to​ dirty animals! in​ fact it​ is​ probably more common in​ clean animals because fleas prefer a​ clean coat. Coming into contact with other animals also causes exposure to​ the​ problem and can start a​ flea problem in​ your home.

Fleas,​ mites and ticks are parasites with a​ short lifespan so they reproduce quickly. Female fleas can lay up to​ 25 eggs a​ day. So you​ can see just how quickly the​ problem can get out of​ hand! They tend to​ prefer warm conditions so summer and spring are the​ most troublesome times for pets and owners.

The main thing is​ that you​ want to​ catch the​ problem early! This means brushing your dog often and inspecting their coat. Fleas,​ ticks and mites are tiny black,​ brown crawling creatures that can even look like dirt. it​ may help for you​ to​ examine the​ fur under their ears and arms/legs. Fleas like warm places. you​ can also sea flea egg sacks and flea droppings in​ their fur if​ you​ look closely. if​ you​ still cannot see the​ fleas try combing your dog on​ a​ bright surface,​ something like a​ piece of​ paper should work well.

This is​ a​ problem that needs to​ be treated right away. Instead of​ heading for the​ pet store to​ buy expensive over-the-counter treatments,​ sprays or​ dips you​ should rather seek professional help right away. it​ will save you​ time. Your vet should have some pamphlets or​ handouts about flea control. Some vets even prescribe oral treatments if​ the​ problem is​ out severe.

If you​ choose to​ shop for the​ products yourself you​ will need to​ read the​ labels carefully to​ check that you​ are not inadvertently poisoning your pet! Never allow your pet to​ ingest any of​ the​ products you​ use; they are highly poisonous. It's also important to​ protect their eyes from these harsh chemicals. There is​ a​ lot of​ disagreement about whether or​ not flea collars work. They tend to​ kill fleas in​ a​ localized area around the​ collar.

It is​ important to​ treat your home for fleas as​ well. Fleas can survive in​ almost anything in​ your home-furniture,​ rugs and bedding. Any flea treatments will be pointless if​ the​ flea's eggs or​ fleas themselves remain in​ your living space.

To clean your home properly you​ will need to​ sanitize and clean the​ areas where the​ pet sleeps. Depending on​ the​ severity of​ the​ problem you​ may need to​ throw away blankets that have become infested with eggs. Often - just washing the​ affected bedding in​ hot water and some flea shampoo should do the​ trick. Rather safe than sorry though - if​ in​ doubt toss the​ bedding. Having to​ have your home fumigated will cost a​ lot more!

Fleas can become a​ nightmare for any pet owner. Rather stop the​ problem early - check your pet everyday for fleas and regularly use a​ preventative product approved by your vet.

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