Writing Articles For SEO Do It Properly

Writing Articles For SEO Do It Properly

The search engines are getting very smart these days. With the​ surge of​ free article sites that are appearing all over the​ net,​ they are paying more and more attention to​ the​ content of​ your articles. a​ free article could possibly turn up on​ thousands of​ sites so how on​ earth can the​ search engine index your free article and not the​ others. Ok,​ back links are great but I want to​ be seen on​ Google's pages.

Ok lets get down to​ writing our article. Think about your site content. Basically I use a​ rule of​ thumb,​ I exclude all the​ major search terms for the​ content of​ my site. No point in​ competing with literally millions of​ others. There are many programs that allow you​ to​ collect the​ search words for your subject. Ok this is​ where I start doing things a​ little different..

Try not thinking search word and start thinking search phrase. it​ absolutely amazing how many search phrases are used when using the​ search engines. Forget words like 'television' and start thinking in​ terms of​ '32 inch flatscreen tv'. Forget 'free music' and think in​ terms of​ 'free music to​ download now'. Visitors will use the​ most obscure terms. Try to​ use the​ search box the​ way you​ would speak. Think of​ the​ age group that you​ are attracting and if​ it's teenagers for instance,​ you​ need to​ tone down the​ etiquette as​ the​ youth speak their own language! Mis-spelt words are also good,​ words such as​ 'z' 's' as​ in​ teens or​ teenz.

Ok we now have a​ set of​ search phrases so how do we use them? There is​ a​ specific way which will give you​ an​ advantage. Remember the​ search engines don't always index you​ whole article. They tend to​ make a​ decision based on​ the​ first few words that make sense. It's no use saturating your article with keywords. Far better to​ be sparing and sensible.

1. Make sure that your main search phrase is​ inserted within the​ first sentence making sure that this sentence make sense.

2. Insert the​ same key phrase once more in​ the​ first paragraph.

3. Insert the​ same key phrase in​ the​ rest of​ article. a​ 3% density is​ just about right,​ that is​ 3 keywords or​ key phrases to​ every 100 words.

If you​ do the​ basics correctly you​ will enhance your chances of​ recognition. Don't be fooled into thinking that the​ engines need to​ see lot's of​ keywords. Be subtle,​ be clever and you​ will get your rewards. it​ also is​ worth considering hiring professional

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