Would You Know What To Do If Your Puppy Or Dog Fell Ill

A pet relies on​ its owner to​ look after it. Sometimes a​ veterinarian is​ too far away when your puppy needs immediate attention. Would you​ be able to​ administer basic first aid if​ you​ needed to?

It is​ up to​ you​ to​ be able to​ administer the​ first aid that your pet needs when he needs it. Something can happen at​ virtually any time at​ home or​ away from home. you​ should have with you​ a​ first aid kit that is​ designed for your pet in​ mind. if​ you​ take your pet away from home frequently,​ make sure to​ store the​ first aid kit in​ your car as​ well. These tools can save your pet’s life.

Here are some of​ the​ things that you​ should have within that kit:

Hydrogen peroxide

Gauze pads and tape

Absorbent cotton/cotton balls

Scissors with a​ round tip

Instant ice packs


A bulb syringe to​ be used to​ remove mucous from the​ mouth/nose

Eyewash solution specific for pets

A clean white cotton sock for paws that are hurt


A rectal thermometer

Medication syringe for dispensing medication

An electrolyte liquid such as​ Pedialyte

You need to​ protect these products so keep them in​ a​ hard shell container that has a​ tight fitting lid. you​ should also have the​ vet’s name and number written and enclosed in​ this package. you​ should know and secure information about the​ local emergency pet hospital as​ well. Also,​ when you​ leave your pet with another caregiver to​ take care of,​ such as​ when you​ are traveling,​ you​ need to​ provide them with the​ kit and a​ release form authorizing them to​ seek treatment for your pet.

A common dilemma is​ the​ bee sting. if​ this happens to​ your pet,​ you​ should restrain the​ animal and use a​ pair of​ tweezers to​ remove the​ stinger. Then,​ bath the​ area with a​ mixture of​ water and baking soda to​ relieve some of​ the​ pain. you​ can help to​ reduce swelling by using an​ ice pack on​ the​ area and using Benedryl. Make sure you​ know how much to​ give your pet by asking the​ vet.

What should you​ do if​ your dog is​ injured?

You’ll need to​ approach the​ animal slowly and carefully because they may snap or​ bite at​ you. it​ is​ just a​ nature reaction for them to​ do this. See what has happened to​ them and reassure the​ pet that you​ are not going to​ hurt her through a​ smooth voice and calmness.

Your first concern is​ to​ stop the​ flow of​ blood as​ quickly as​ possible. Apply pressure to​ the​ wound and hold it​ there. Make sure to​ use a​ cloth that is​ clean and change them as​ needed. Keep as​ much pressure on​ it​ as​ possible until you​ get to​ your vet. if​ you​ need to,​ tape a​ thick gauze pad to​ the​ wound. You’ll want to​ keep as​ much pressure on​ the​ wound though,​ so if​ possible have someone else transport you.

In the​ case of​ choking,​ you​ should use a​ flashlight to​ check down the​ throat. if​ you​ can,​ remove the​ object. if​ you​ can’t see it,​ you’ll need to​ use a​ Heimlich maneuver that is​ designed for your pet. as​ a​ pet owner,​ you​ should have this basic training taught to​ you. it​ is​ important to​ do it​ correctly in​ order to​ protect against serious injury of​ the​ pet. you​ can get this type of​ training at​ your local humane society or​ through your vet. you​ can also learn how to​ give your pet CPR and how to​ deal with serious injury and poisoning.

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