World SEO Championship 2006

World SEO Championship 2006

Search Engine Optimization became a​ major keyword in​ the​ search engine market today,​ Search Engine Optimization is​ also known as​ SEO which is​ simply a​ method allowing you​ to​ improve your website ranking in​ the​ search engine. There are a​ lot of​ software released that help the​ webmasters to​ improve their websites ranking,​ but if​ anyone uses this software without a​ specific strategy will fail. Most of​ SEO strategies are not known to​ the​ public and because of​ that some organizations start to​ post news about it,​ and for the​ first time,​ a​ world championship for SEO has been released.

World SEO Championship is​ the​ first Championship about SEO,​ Simply they provide a​ specific keyword and all the​ contestants should try to​ make their website in​ the​ top search engine results for this keyword. This year keyword is​ "AmbatchDotCom SeoContest". There are no limits or​ rules about the​ SEO strategies that the​ webmasters can use. the​ webmasters can use white,​ gray or​ even black hat strategies. the​ first prize for this championship is​ $4,​000,​ so I think it​ worth the​ webmasters efforts.

Now get a​ domain name and start the​ game,​ and start the​ way to​ the​ first prize. Don't worry the​ registration is​ still open and you​ can now register. Even if​ you​ are still beginner in​ the​ SEO strategies go and enter the​ championship,​ because all the​ competitors will share their secrets about the​ SEO strategies,​ tips and tricks. So even if​ you​ did not win. you​ will win SEO secrets.

in​ conclusion,​ Search Engine Optimization is​ one of​ most important keyword in​ the​ Internet market today,​ and it's time to​ start a​ "World SEO Championship" to​ share all the​ secrets about SEO among all the​ internet webmaster.

For more information about the​ rules and how to​ participate,​ please visit:-
  • ambatchdotcom seocontest

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