Working With Computers

Working With Computers
In Today's Society,​ There's No Escape
Well,​ we've been warned that this time would come - probably from the​ earlier eighties on​ .​
Yes,​ computers have finally taken over and if​ you doubt it,​ we're here to​ convince you - but not because we​ want to​ or​ because we​ can .​
We want to​ convince you that if​ you don't take the​ necessary steps to​ control that reign,​ you're going to​ be left behind further than you could have ever imagined.
Computers are everywhere .​
Take a​ moment to​ try and think of​ a​ place a​ business where you didn't see a​ computer in​ use .​
From the​ small local corner store to​ the​ largest hospital,​ computers are in​ every gas station,​ grocery store,​ bank,​ restaurant,​ beauty shop,​ and doctor's office around .​
From a​ consumer's point of​ view - you may not think that's much to​ worry about .​
But along with computers,​ we've also been infiltrated with a​ little thing called self-service .​
Today,​ there are more self-serviced resources than ever and in​ an​ effort to​ synchronize them with headquarter databases,​ they're provided via your inescapable computer.
Here are some examples .​
Banking is​ self-serviced through the​ desktop-clad ATM machine .​
Gas stations are self-serviced through a​ menu-clad touch screen kiosk .​
Most cash registers are Windows XP or​ Vista machines that send purchase details back to​ headquarters via the​ Internet (or a​ small Intranet) .​
Having your weight,​ blood pressure,​ and heart rate measured and recorded is​ now a​ digitized process .​
Even ordering a​ pizza is​ now a​ simple matter of​ dialing from a​ wireless cell phone and making a​ few selections from series of​ pre-programmed menus!
The important thing to​ realize here is​ that this phenomenon isn't a​ new convenience - it's a​ new requirement .​
And if​ you haven't jumped onto the​ binary wagon,​ you're going to​ face a​ few problems .​
For just as​ this new lifestyle was once predicted,​ we're going to​ predict that the​ old ways will slowly disappear.
We're going to​ predict that all paper-based transactions (checks,​ money orders,​ etc.) and documentation (think of​ the​ old filing cabinet system) will disappear .​
We're going to​ predict that chips will replace everything that was once transported from one location to​ another through the​ trusty post office .​
And we're going to​ predict that homes will become less cluttered with stacks of​ paper and that our natural resources will flourish as​ a​ result of​ it.
This all sounds fine and dandy of​ course,​ but if​ you're not computer savvy,​ you're going to​ feel a​ little lost once the​ choice has past and the​ revolution is​ 100% complete .​
Fortunately,​ computer systems are designed in​ a​ way that even a​ child can manipulate them .​
In fact,​ if​ you can remember that most systems are designed along the​ line of​ menus and the​ selections of​ a​ few options on​ these menus,​ you'll do just fine no matter how many buttons there are to​ push .​
For example,​ when you're faced with an​ electronic system,​ look for a​ main menu .​
Most main menus display themselves as​ soon as​ a​ device is​ turned on,​ so chances are that if​ you're standing before a​ device that shows a​ bunch of​ choices to​ do something,​ you're looking at​ a​ main menu .​
The buttons on​ these main menus of​ course take you to​ additional menus,​ which in​ turn give you even more choices to​ make .​
And all of​ those choices will eventually bring you to​ the​ service that you need .​
One very important choice you'll want to​ keep your eye on​ is​ the​ option to​ return to​ the​ main menu .​
This way,​ you can return to​ the​ beginning of​ a​ system and start over in​ case you get lost among the​ way.
Another important choice that you want to​ keep your eye on​ is​ the​ choice to​ get help! This option may not be available on​ every device that you encounter,​ but when it​ is​ available,​ be sure to​ use it.
There's just no way around it .​
Computers and computerized systems are here to​ stay .​
There's no need to​ fear them - but you surely can't avoid them .​
Just remember the​ menu system and you'll soon discover that you can approach and use these things as​ if​ you designed them yourself.

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