Workforce Management Policies To Keep Skilled People

Workforce Management Policies to​ Keep Skilled People
You might be able to​ attract people with high value skills through a​ well-presented ad .​
However, to​ keep them with you, your organization must have put in​ place workforce management policies that make these people want to​ continue with the​ organization.
The policies must fit in​ with the​ organization and​ the​ place where it​ is​ located .​
If the​ policies are incompatible with the​ existing organization and​ place, they are likely to​ remain just book policies that will not be implemented in​ their true spirit.
We look at​ some standard workforce management policies that can create an​ environment that make people want to​ remain with you.
Organizational Culture: We mentioned how the​ organizational environment affects the​ policies that can be implemented in​ their true spirit in​ an​ organization .​
You could consider creating an​ environment that would facilitate the​ development of​ your workforce into a​ cohesive team of​ achievers .​
Basically, what you try to​ do is​ to​ create an​ organizational culture where people tend to​ help each other rather than blame or​ hinder each other.
Induction Training: Help new employees to​ quickly become a​ productive member of​ your team through an​ effective induction process .​
Introduce them to​ other team members and​ help them absorb your organizational culture, and​ to​ become familiar with the​ ways of​ working in​ your organization.
Clear Goals and​ Roles: Develop job descriptions that indicate clearly what team role each employee should seek to​ play, and​ what goals the​ person should seek to​ achieve.
Goals Aligned to​ Higher Level Goals: Carefully align employee goals with the​ team goals, which are aligned with successively higher level goals culminating in​ overall company goals .​
That way, the​ employee would find it​ easy to​ contribute in​ a​ meaningful manner, and​ be rewarded accordingly.
Work Environment: Arrange workstations, facilities and​ tools that help employees perform without undue stress .​
Uncomfortable workstations, high noise levels, having to​ find needed tools yourself, and​ so on are stressful and​ make employees look for​ better places to​ work in.
Credible Performance Measurement and​ Reward Structure: One of​ the​ best motivating factors is​ being recognized and​ rewarded for​ good performance .​
The performance must be measured in​ a​ way that the​ employee can understand clearly .​
Good performance, which can also be measured in​ terms of​ contribution to​ team effectiveness, should be rewarded consistently and​ without discrimination.
Skills and​ Career Development Options: Each employee should be able to​ develop his or​ her skill, and​ a​ career development path should be open for​ his or​ her progress in​ the​ organization .​
a​ certification program can add to​ the​ attractiveness.
An Effective Mentoring Program: a​ mentoring program that helps each employee achieve personal and​ company objectives should supplement the​ above .​
The mentor would try to​ help the​ employee meet company expectations in​ a​ way that also meets personal expectations .​
Carefully developed workforce management policies that would fit in​ with the​ organization and​ the​ place where it​ is​ located could pay high dividends .​
Your organization would then find it​ easier to​ attract the​ right kind of​ people, with the​ right skill set that you need .​
More importantly, you would find it​ possible to​ retain these skilled employees in​ your organization.
We looked at​ standard workforce management policies that can help you develop a​ highly motivated workforce in​ your organization.

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