Wireless Systems The Future Is Here Already

Wireless Systems – the​ Future is​ Here Already?
Wireless systems have increasingly become the​ inseparable ingredients of​ our lives in​ the​ last century because of​ their instant installation capabilities in​ addition to​ obviously cutting mammoth amounts of​ capital and​ time that was otherwise being wasted in​ erection and​ installation & commissioning .​
But how big and​ expanded is​ the​ wireless systems industry? and​ how much they touch our lives? and​ if​ I​ am not stretching things too far, are we being controlled by wireless systems? Well, let’s take a​ critical look at​ these issues which concerns us all.
Wireless Systems and​ Communication
Ever since Graham Bell and​ Marconi invented telephone and​ radio respectively, life has never been the​ same .​
Although they didn’t revolutionalized things instantaneously they sure caused a​ ruffle thus signaling what was on the​ way .​
Today, without wireless systems communications would grind to​ a​ halt .​
Satellites become dud flying objects of​ little use if​ we don’t ‘connect’ through wireless for​ billions of​ gigabytes of​ data transfer every hour.
Consumer Wireless Equipments
At the​ bottom, we have wireless toys which are the​ rage with children .​
But the​ most common wireless system everyone is​ familiar is​ cell phone without which most of​ us can conduct our lives the​ way we need to .​
Cell phones have rapidly expanded to​ exit the​ wired phones in​ a​ matter of​ a​ few years .​
Even the​ basic phones are going wireless with the​ advent of​ CDMA technology .​
The 3G cell phones can transmit up to​ 2MBPS of​ data.
Mobile phones reached their zenith of​ glory when Motorola introduced satellite phones (Irridium) which didn’t even require wireless network but worked with satellites directly.
Connectivity is​ just notional; look at​ what broadband has done to​ wireless systems .​
Internet no more needs ‘wired connectivity’ as​ there is​ wireless broadband service .​
IPOD has made world collapse into our pockets .​
What we imagined till the​ other year, that wireless systems made useful wireless microphones, was turned upside down by one small pocket gadget called IPOD.
Wireless Gadgets
If we are able to​ watch news cruising at​ 50,000’ at​ great speeds, you could imagine what ‘the void’ (wireless) can do .​
Let’s take a​ look at​ some cute gadgets from the​ current rage.
1 .​
Push to​ talk phones: Talk, browse internet, watch TV and​ connect to​ all your friends by one button push.
2 .​
Pocket PC and​ wireless LAN for​ laptops: Pocket PCs double up as​ cell phones .​
Laptops connect to​ LAN with a​ wireless LAN card.
3 .​
Toys, game controls etc.
4 .​
Home theater, music systems, network booster and​ headphones etc.
Long ago, when gods communicated, they were not verbal! They communicated silently .​
Just where are we heading?

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