Winter Dog Agility Training

Yes,​ its cold outside,​ but don't stop your dog's agility training. Depending on​ where you​ live,​ there might be snow on​ the​ ground from November through March,​ but thats no reason to​ give up your agility training. Bring your training indoors,​ right at​ your own home.

Get creative with your training locations. Do you​ have a​ hallway,​ basement,​ or​ garage? Then you​ have a​ place to​ train! Before it​ snows and your equipment is​ frozen to​ the​ ground,​ store some in​ your garage,​ shed,​ basement,​ or​ put a​ tarp over it. Bring in​ one piece of​ equipment at​ a​ time,​ and begin your indoor training.

We do a​ lot of​ indoor training with a​ Pause Table. in​ fact,​ we keep one in​ our living room for both obedience training and agility training all the​ time. the​ Pause Table is​ a​ great obstacle for developing your obedience behaviors and teaching agility directional commands

Don't forget to​ work on​ your contacts. It's easy by having a​ Contact Trainer indoors. a​ 3-Piece Contact Trainer offers you​ versatility; you​ have an​ A-frame side,​ the​ Pause Table,​ and a​ Dog-walk plank. Practicing your two feet on​ and two feet off is​ convenient and quick when you​ have indoor contacts,​ only a​ few minutes a​ day to​ steady your dog's behavior.

Indoor jumping must be approached carefully. if​ you​ don't have indoor matting,​ don't jump. you​ don't want your dog jumping on​ concrete or​ wood floors. But you​ can use the​ uprights or​ posts to​ practice your handling. Use your Sit-stay or​ Down-stay and practice your lines or​ dogs path with no jump bars.

Weaves can be practice indoors. Are you​ training with a​ weave-chute or​ straight line weaves? Five minutes a​ day of​ weave training through out the​ winter will have your dog weaving smoothly by springtime. you​ can practice weave entries and weave sends or​ weave recalls.

There is​ also a​ variety of​ mini agility equipment that can be purchased,​ and don't require the​ same space as​ standard equipment. There are mini-teeters,​ mini-dog walks,​ and mini-A-frames. These are great obstacles for puppy training or​ indoor winter training.

So,​ during the​ cold winter months,​ don't give up on​ your agility training. Whether you​ are starting a​ young pup,​ working a​ novice dog,​ or​ an​ experienced titled dog there is​ always something that you​ can do indoors with your agility training.

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