Why You Should Monitor Your Childs Computer

Why You Should Monitor Your Childs Computer

Every parent has an​ anxiety attack whenever they hear a​ report of​ a​ missing or​ abducted child in​ the​ news. They pray it​ never happens to​ them and rightly so because it​ is​ a​ parent's worst nightmare.

Unfortunately,​ teenagers do not always get that same attention or​ elicit the​ same feelings as​ the​ missing or​ abducted child. Teens are almost automatically considered runaways rather than missing children.

And teens that are reported as​ runaways do not grab people's attention. the​ police do not actively search for runaways. it​ is​ not a​ crime to​ run away from home.

However,​ in​ many cases when a​ teen is​ missing a​ crime has been committed. By the​ police not actively pursuing the​ conditions surrounding the​ teen’s disappearance,​ the​ crime goes undetected and unpunished.

If some adult lures your teenager and they run away from home and you did not know they were talked into leaving,​ then the​ police will not know it​ either. the​ police will assume your teen is​ a​ runaway and will add it​ to​ all the​ other runaways to​ be on​ the​ lookout for,​ but will not actively pursue the​ case because they do not know a​ crime has been committed.

We all have seen Dateline NBC where they entrap guys who want to​ have sex with teenagers,​ then arrest them once they get to​ the​ rendezvous point. That’s all well and good that they are out there hunting the​ hunters and preying on​ the​ predators. I applaud their effort.

However,​ that does nothing for the​ teen that is​ considered a​ runaway because no one knows she or​ he met someone on​ the​ Internet who talked them into running away from home.

The time has come for every parent who has a​ teenager who uses a​ computer to​ start monitoring his or​ her activities. Teens will scream about their privacy,​ but you need to​ know that if​ they do run away from home that they were lured away.

You need to​ know and the​ police need to​ know because if​ they were talked into leaving by an​ adult,​ then a​ crime has been committed and the​ police can put more resources into finding them.

There is​ software that will allow you to​ not only block your children and teenagers from accessing inappropriate content on​ the​ web,​ it​ will also log everything your child or​ teen does on​ the​ computer so you have a​ record. That record includes online chatroom conversations,​ email,​ instant messaging,​ and websites visited.

The software will even send you a​ message on​ your cell phone or​ to​ your email whenever your child or​ teen accesses inappropriate content.

You cannot afford to​ let your child or​ teenager decide for themselves what is​ or​ is​ not ok to​ do on​ the​ web. the​ predators are smarter than they are no matter what they tell you. Your teenager may be smarter than you may when it​ comes to​ the​ computer,​ but you know what is​ or​ is​ not good for them when it​ comes to​ their safety.

Do not be intimidated if​ you do not know a​ lot about computers. Do not let that be your excuse for not monitoring your children and teenagers. in​ the​ footer of​ this article you will find resources that can help you monitor everyone who uses your computer. I recommend you start doing it​ today before IU have to​ go out and search for your runaway or​ lured-away teen.

Why You Should Monitor Your Childs Computer

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