Why Not Consider The Manchester Terrier Dog

The Manchester terrier is​ one of​ those dogs that puts a​ lot of​ personality into a​ fairly small package. a​ remarkably attractive pet with a​ convenient smooth and short-haired coat,​ this terrier is​ one of​ those breeds with an​ interesting background stemming from the​ early,​ "working dog" days.

These terriers derive from the​ old black and tan terrier breed in​ England. Back in​ those days,​ terriers weren't known for their beauty -- to​ put it​ kindly -- but they were tireless,​ muscular,​ and keen. in​ fact,​ they were widely known as​ the​ best rat killers around,​ regardless of​ the​ terrain. Their skill and enthusiasm easily overcame any objections to​ their physical appearance,​ and the​ breed grew very popular.

At some point,​ a​ black and tan fancier crossed one of​ his terriers with a​ whippet,​ a​ far more graceful-looking dog resembling a​ Greyhound. the​ result was a​ beautiful dog retaining all the​ terrier prowess,​ and this new variety made quite a​ splash. Even so,​ the​ new dogs were also called Black and Tans until the​ Manchester Terrier Club finally formed in​ the​ 1920s,​ changing the​ breed name to​ Manchester terrier.

Despite all they have to​ offer,​ including a​ wonderful suitability for today's urban environments,​ the​ Manchester terrier isn't nearly as​ well known as​ it​ ought to​ be. in​ fact,​ although it​ enjoyed a​ surge in​ popularity sometime back,​ the​ breed is​ practically obscure these days,​ with only a​ few dedicated breeders sustaining it.

Yet despite our neglect,​ the​ Manchester terrier is​ a​ gorgeous breed in​ its own right that has contributed its beauty and brains to​ much more well-known breeds,​ like the​ Doberman Pinscher. Even better for urbanites,​ it​ comes in​ two varieties -- standard,​ which ranges from 12-22 pounds,​ and the​ toy breed,​ which is​ typically about 10.

It's surprisingly we don't see more of​ them around. Not only is​ the​ Manchester terrier a​ refined,​ alert dog boasting a​ rich mahogany color and an​ attractive,​ Doberman-style tan patch over each eye,​ he's also playful -- he'll sport for hours on​ end with the​ kids -- and happily long-lived. Like all terriers,​ however,​ this one is​ a​ natural digger,​ and will need some kind of​ outlet for his energy and keen mind.

This terrier is​ a​ much better choice for a​ boisterous family than the​ single working person who must crate his dog for most of​ the​ day. Just make sure that your children are old enough to​ show your terrier some respect for his "person" and not manhandle him. Finally,​ brainy dogs like terriers need to​ be taught they don't rule the​ roost. if​ you​ don't have a​ background in​ obedience training,​ you'll want to​ take him in​ for classes.
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