Why Keywords Are Vital To An SEO Campaign

Why Keywords Are Vital To An SEO Campaign

SEO,​ or​ Search Engine Optimization,​ is​ the​ optimization of​ a​ web page in​ order that it​ ranks higher in​ the​ SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) for specific keywords or​ keyword phrases. the​ pages that rank higher typically gain the​ greater amount of​ search engine traffic compared to​ pages ranked lower for the​ same keyword. the​ majority of​ web users click on​ one of​ the​ top 5 results on​ the​ first page when they complete a​ search. as​ such,​ the​ ultimate goal of​ any SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) is​ to​ gain one of​ these coveted top spots,​ with the​ number one ranking being the​ primary objective.

Targeting Keywords

However,​ a​ top position for any keyword won't suffice. in​ order to​ increase your ROI,​ it​ is​ vital to​ ensure that you​ target the​ most appropriate keywords for your pages,​ and for your business. While generic,​ or​ very general topic keywords,​ may have the​ highest number of​ searches conducted in​ a​ month they are also the​ most competitive and typically least productive.

Competitive Keywords

The more competitive a​ keyword the​ more pages that you​ need to​ compete with in​ order to​ benefit from an​ SEO campaign. Many of​ the​ pages that appear at​ the​ top of​ the​ list will also be well optimized and have a​ powerful link profile,​ making it​ difficult to​ rank highly.

Improved Conversions With Targeted Keywords

General topic based keywords have also proven to​ have lower conversion rates compared to​ more specific keywords. Targeted keywords generate targeted visitors,​ and targeted visitors are much more likely to​ be active while on​ the​ pages of​ your website.

How Keyword Research Helps

Keyword research helps you​ to​ identify keywords that are relevant,​ targeted,​ and preferably less competitive. By finding the​ right blend of​ these factors you​ can minimize the​ time it​ takes to​ rank well,​ actually increase the​ number of​ visitors,​ and improve your conversion rates. Targeted keyword research leads to​ better profit opportunities and improved ROI.

Tailoring Your Keyword Research to​ Your Needs

Every page of​ a​ website needs to​ be treated as​ an​ individual project,​ especially in​ terms of​ marketing. Each page will usually attract different visitors in​ different stages of​ the​ purchasing process. Deep product pages will often catch visitors while they are at​ their most profitable – when they're ready to​ buy. General pages and even product category pages can be used to​ attract more general terms,​ but they should still be properly researched and targeted very precisely to​ your target market.

Niche Keywords

Niche keywords are often talked about as​ being the​ ideal variety of​ keywords for a​ page. a​ niche keyword is​ a​ highly targeted,​ very specific keyword. it​ is​ geared towards a​ corner of​ the​ market in​ which you​ operate and typically has very few competing pages. Niche keywords don't usually create much in​ the​ way of​ traffic but the​ traffic that they do create is​ highly targeted and very active. it​ attracts excellent conversion rates ensuring that you​ get a​ good return on​ your marketing investment.

Long Tail Keywords

Many web pages will gain visitors from natural keywords within the​ text. These long tail search terms again produce highly targeted visitors and while each individual term will not produce more than one or​ possibly two visitors over the​ space of​ the​ month,​ they do all add up. it​ is​ virtually impossible to​ research long tail keywords because of​ their infrequency,​ but by using popular keywords you​ heighten the​ chances of​ seeing more on​ your website.

Why Keyword Research is​ Important

Keyword research is​ an​ important aspect of​ SEO because it​ helps to​ identify the​ terms that surfers use to​ access sites similar to​ yours. This,​ in​ turn,​ enables you​ to​ optimize the​ pages of​ your site and your link profile in​ order to​ attract those visitors. By doing so,​ you​ may also improve the​ number of​ long tail searches that lead to​ your site,​ and these product highly targeted visitors for little optimization effort.

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