Why Internet Business Cannot Escape From The Clutches Of Search Engine

Why Internet Business Cannot Escape From The Clutches Of Search Engine

Whether you​ like it​ or​ not,​ the​ search engine will always remain the​ number ONE way for people to​ find your internet business website. There are practically no way any website can escape from the​ clutches of​ the​ search engine even in​ the​ future to​ come. After so many century of​ research,​ researchers still can't find a​ good replacement for petrol which cars still rely on​ and that explain why oil will keep rising in​ the​ future to​ come.

Yes,​ you​ may write FREE articles and submit it​ to​ the​ various ezine website and get traffic via your article resource box but ask yourself these questions:

In the​ first place,​ how do you​ find those ezine website to​ submit your article?

The majority of​ ezine writers still rely on​ the​ "Search Engine" to​ find ezine site to​ submit their articles by searching for keywords such as​ "article bank",​ "article directory" etc. Imagine the​ kind of​ time and effort required if​ you​ tried to​ find these ezine site without the​ "Search Engine".

How do MOST people find the​ relevant ezine site for information that they are looking for?

Again,​ the​ majority of​ us still rely on​ the​ "Search Engine" to​ find the​ relevant information that we need. Without the​ "Search Engine",​ information finders will not be able to​ find your articles that are listed on​ the​ various ezine website. With the​ help of​ powerful "Search Engine" like google,​ your relevant article will appear to​ the​ user in​ seconds.

As you​ can see from the​ above,​ the​ search engine act as​ a​ bridge for all internet website as​ it​ will be very difficult for someone to​ find information without a​ common ground such as​ the​ Search Engine.

Therefore,​ as​ an​ Internet Business Entrepreneur,​ it​ is​ VERY important for you​ to​ allocate part of​ your time to​ learn and understand the​ Search Engine. For example,​ Google has introduced some measured to​ fight Domain Spamming. if​ you​ are not aware of​ its changes and still register your Internet Business Domain with a​ short time span of​ one or​ two years,​ then don't wonder WHY you​ still did not received any Search Engine traffics even after staying in​ the​ Google Sandbox for six to​ nine months which has become the​ normal period before any NEW website is​ release as​ search results from the​ Google Search

Keeping your Internet Website within the​ Search Engine requirement allows you​ to​ receive FREE Search Engine traffics which will lead to​ increase customers for your Internet Business. of​ course,​ don't focus too much on​ your Search Engine Ranking Algorithm as​ it​ is​ something which keep changing and is​ beyond your control. Instead,​ seek to​ understand by creating a​ Search Engine Friendly website that make it​ easy for the​ Search Engine to​ indexed your web page. For e.g. creating relevant Title,​ Alt
Text for Images,​ Getting only Highly Targeted Relevant Links,​ Estimate Numbers of​ Correct Keyword Density on​ Each Page etc.

However,​ do continue with your Article Marketing as​ it​ is​ a​ Good Marketing Strategy and include Search Engine Marketing as​ your second source of​ FREE traffics which at​ time when you​ tweak it​ correctly,​ your TRAFFICS can really double or​ triple of​ what you​ can get from your Article Marketing method.

Wishing all Internet Business Owner success in​ getting High Traffics from the​ "Search Engine".

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