Why Good Search Engine Optimization SEO Is Important

Why Good Search Engine Optimization SEO Is Important

Many people new to​ internet marketing wonder why search engine optimization,​ or​ SEO,​ is​ so important. in​ explaining why,​ this article could be very short or​ very long,​ according to​ how much of​ the​ topic I wish to​ write on,​ although the​ answer is​ basically a​ matter of​ common sense.

Anybody who uses search engines to​ find out information,​ which is​ the​ vast majority of​ internet users,​ uses phrases to​ find the​ information they are seeking. These phrases,​ to​ them,​ best describe the​ information they seek. Thus,​ if​ the​ are looking for information on​ what to​ look for when buying a​ second hand car they might use the​ term ‘buying second hand cars’,​ or​ ‘buying used cars’,​ or​ ‘how to​ buy used cars’ and so on. Each of​ these terms is​ commonly termed a​ ‘keyword’,​ and searching for the​ most used keywords,​ or​ even lesser used keywords,​ is​ big business on​ the​ internet.

If you​ have a​ website,​ or​ even just one web page,​ dealing with that topic,​ you​ can optimize it​ only for one of​ these keywords if​ you​ want the​ bets results. Many people make the​ mistake of​ trying to​ optimize a​ webpage for all the​ keywords they can think of,​ totally ignorant of​ the​ fact that if​ they have 20 keywords then they should have 20 web pages,​ each optimized for one keyword.

Some people make millions of​ dollars explaining to​ others how to​ find and use these keywords on​ their websites,​ even though it​ is​ historical information. Yesterdays most frequently used keyword could never be used again for the​ rest of​ the​ year. Let me give you​ an​ example of​ that.

When I was new to​ internet marketing,​ I wrote a​ website to​ sell my trivia quizzes. I run trivia quizzes in​ my local pub,​ and at​ that time also sold them to​ pubs in​ nearby towns and cities and wrote a​ book on​ how to​ go about it. I decided to​ advertise it​ online and also to​ sell my trivia quizzes. I paid $6,​500 for a​ mentor from Corey Rudl’s Internet Marketing Center to​ teach me how to​ do it,​ and I was shown how to​ use keyword research to​ publicize my book.

My mentor ended up recommending I use the​ keyword ‘black American history quiz’ since it​ had a​ very high demand and low supply: so I did. Silly me! He was Canadian,​ and he didn’t know that the​ word ‘quiz’ in​ the​ USA can also apply to​ a​ school exam,​ and the​ ‘black American history quiz’ was in​ demand by American high school kids for an​ exam on​ the​ topic.

I spent a​ fortune and made zilch. That is​ the​ last time I paid for information,​ and I was ripped off by the​ late Corey Rudl and his so-called Internet Marketing Center. at​ least that is​ my experience. it​ was only later that I found I could have got the​ same information free by registering for a​ few newsletters from other marketers.

I ended up losing many thousands of​ dollars through that experience,​ and using the​ bad information I was given,​ and am only now making up for it. That is​ the​ importance of​ knowing how to​ use SEO in​ your website. Learn how to​ select and use proper keywords,​ and do not be mislead by trends or​ spikes due to​ high school exams or​ current news as​ I was.

There are techniques to​ use to​ ensure that your website gets traffic from people browsing the​ web for information. if​ you​ know these techniques,​ you​ can make money from any topic,​ or​ niche,​ even if​ you​ personally know nothing about it. I have many websites on​ a​ number of​ topics,​ each of​ which makes me money in​ many different ways. There is​ no reason why you​ should do the​ same.

However,​ to​ do that,​ you​ must learn how to​ optimize each of​ the​ pages on​ your website. Stop regarding the​ site as​ an​ entity. it​ is​ the​ collection of​ pages that is​ important,​ each of​ those of​ which has to​ be treated as​ a​ separate entity. Every page will be listed separately in​ the​ search engines,​ and you​ need to​ know how to​ treat each differently,​ and how to​ optimize each so that every one will be listed in​ the​ search results when somebody uses your keyword to​ find the​ information they are seeking.

Good search engine optimization is​ very important,​ and without a​ good understanding of​ SEO,​ your internet business will have less a​ chance of​ success.

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