Why Do Small Dogs Help With Hypoallergenic Conditions

Why Do Small Dogs Help with Hypoallergenic Conditions?
There are several reasons why small dogs are hypoallergenic .​
Since they are small,​ many breeds cannot climb on​ the​ couch,​ bed,​ or​ other furniture .​
With fewer allergens on​ the​ furniture,​ you​ will not be as​ affected by them .​
Small dogs want to​ have their own space .​
They will sleep in​ a​ dog bed or​ blanket that you​ should wash often .​
Keeping small dogs in​ a​ crate during the​ day while you​ are gone will make them feel safer and also prevent them from destroying your home .​
This will also reduce allergens from getting into the​ carpets and on​ the​ walls .​
Small dogs usually have shorter hair or​ they have hair that is​ long and thin .​
This hair does not seem to​ cause as​ many problems to​ those with dog allergies .​
Their hair is​ easy to​ take care of​ and does not shed as​ often as​ other breeds .​
While you​ will have to​ take these dogs to​ be groomed more often,​ you​ should be able to​ breathe easily around them .​
Since the​ dogs do not shed as​ often,​ less dander is​ present in​ carpeting and on​ walls as​ well .​
Most small dog breeds do not produce a​ lot of​ saliva .​
Saliva can also cause people to​ have allergy attacks .​
This is​ because of​ bacteria that are found in​ the​ saliva .​

When you​ are looking for a​ small dog,​ you​ should find a​ breed that fits your lifestyle .​
This will allow you​ to​ build a​ trusting relationship that will last a​ long time .​
Small dogs enjoy being with their owners and do not like being apart .​
As long as​ the​ dog is​ in​ the​ same room with you,​ it​ will be fine .​
If you​ do not feel you​ can build this trust,​ then you​ should find another breed of​ hypoallergenic dog .​
Not all breeds are small .​
There are a​ few medium breeds that do not need as​ much one on​ one time .​
While all dogs need to​ get their exercise,​ small dogs do not need as​ much .​
Small dogs cannot go for long walks,​ but they can go for short ones in​ places that they know and feel comfortable in​ .​
Trips to​ the​ park or​ walking around the​ neighborhood are good exercise for the​ dog .​
Small dogs are very playful and enjoy playing games at​ home .​
Since some breeds do not have undercoats,​ they will need small sweaters when the​ weather gets cold .​
You should not leave small breeds outside in​ the​ cold for too long as​ their coats will not protect them .​
If you​ live in​ a​ small apartment or​ home,​ a​ small dog will be better for you​ .​
Some breeds do not bark too much and since they don’t require much exercise,​ living in​ an​ apartment will not inhibit them in​ any way .​
Small dogs are wonderful companions for those who suffer from allergies or​ those who don’t .​
You should research the​ breeds you​ are interested in​ before buying one so that you​ will know how to​ train,​ discipline,​ and show your new dog affection .​

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