Why Do People Play Online Games

Why Do People Play Online Games

In a​ recent article on​ CNET,​ William Moss observes that in​ an​ Internet cafe in​ China,​ of​ the​ couple of​ hundred people using the​ cafe when he visited it,​ with the​ exception of​ two people,​ everyone else was seen using them to​ play computer games.

People paying money just to​ play online games on​ hourly basis show the​ pull and popularity of​ the​ online games.

Here is​ an​ attempt to​ understand why online games are so popular these days?

An online game literally refers to​ the​ type of​ game,​ which is​ played on​ your computer while you are connected to​ the​ Internet. These can be single player games that you play with a​ remote server or​ multiplayer games where many users like you are playing with each other.

There was a​ time when computer games were for the​ so-called nerds or​ geeks who were basically solitary beings. With the​ rise in​ popularity of​ the​ Internet and with broadband access becoming increasingly affordable,​ the​ quality of​ free online games being offered has increased dramatically. Playing games online is​ no longer a​ solitary activity. Studies show that it​ is​ a​ social experience that more and more extroverts and out-going people are becoming part of.

Free gaming sites have become the​ places for players to​ meet and have social interactions. Popular regulars at​ gaming sites are a​ common phenomenon that we​ all are aware of. These gaming sites typically offer games that range from a​ quick,​ casual game during your coffee break to​ engaging multi-player games.

Why do people play online games?
a. Firstly,​ the​ appeal of​ anonymity. After all you can create a​ personality for yourself and can be what ever you want to​ be. This is​ a​ very powerful reason for people to​ hang out at​ these social sites.

b. Internet is​ a​ wonderful medium that enables you to​ be part of​ a​ society where all are equal. Absolutely no discrimination of​ any variety.

c. the​ games are becoming increasingly easy to​ setup. Most of​ the​ times you just don't need a​ native installation on​ your PC. a​ web browser is​ all you need to​ play a​ multiplayer game. This has taken away the​ operating system related hurdles that one would otherwise have encountered. These games are mostly free and on​ top of​ that you don't have to​ install anything to​ enable you to​ play these games. You just heard of​ game,​ perhaps from a​ friend or​ through an​ email or​ a​ newsletter. You just go to​ the​ gaming website and you are ready to​ play. No setup related hassles at​ all. This definitely is​ a​ very big contributor to​ the​ success and popularity of​ online games.

d. Online games are popular because they give people who are bored playing with their computer a​ chance to​ interact with real opponents. as​ a​ player you can chat with other players,​ you can join hands a​ few players and scheme against the​ others,​ just the​ way you do in​ real world,​ but with the​ advantage of​ anonymity.

I am sure there are more reasons. This in​ itself can be a​ topic of​ research for social scientists. Internet is​ changing the​ way we​ live. it​ is​ changing the​ way we​ play for sure.

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