Why Content Is Still King Effective SEO Tactics

Why Content Is Still King Effective SEO Tactics

It was a​ year ago that I attended my first search engine strategies conference. it​ was also at​ this conference that I became a​ speaker.

Search Engine Strategies and PubCon are undoubtedly the​ two largest SEO/SEM conferences out there today so of​ course there’s huge attendance and lots of​ big industry names attending.

There’s also a​ guy there who you​ may have heard of. His name is​ Barry Schwartz and he’s from Search Engine Round Table. I bring his name up because he’s found one of​ the​ best ways to​ not only build an​ ever expanding content base up,​ but also a​ way to​ build quality relevant links. And it’s so simple one begins to​ wonder why others don’t do it.

Before I get into what he’s doing let me give you​ a​ little history. He started covering SES a​ few shows ago and would post summaries of​ the​ various seminars he attended at​ the​ SearchEngineWatch forum.

His posts were some of​ the​ most read posts during the​ conference. He soon also began posting longer summaries at​ his own site. Also very well read by those of​ us who couldn’t attend the​ show.

Now he’s become “the” reporter for the​ SES shows wherever they are. He even went into this one with a​ plan to​ cover as​ many of​ the​ sessions as​ possible,​ between himself and others known in​ the​ SEM industry. Some of​ the​ posts end up at​ the​ SEW forums but he also posts many on​ his own site.

Step one – there’s that ongoing content development.

You see,​ what the​ folks at​ SEO roundtable are doing is​ creating very long,​ but very detailed summaries of​ every seminar they attend. They then post these to​ their website daily or​ more often. Each post occupies it’s own static page,​ and most pages are well linked within the​ site.

Step two – relevant quality links and lots of​ them

Now here’s the​ great part. it​ is​ because of​ this coverage that people have come to​ realize that this site is​ the​ site to​ go to​ for SES coverage. Between this site and the​ SEW forums you​ can pretty much get your fill of​ SES in​ a​ very compact version. (Trust me for some of​ the​ sessions,​ a​ light summary is​ much better than sitting through 90 minutes of​ dry explanations of​ how ranking algorithms work :) ).

And because people rely on​ these summaries of​ the​ show that they begin to​ refer others to​ them. Either through word of​ mouth or,​ more importantly,​ links.

This is​ where the​ relevant quality links kick in. What is​ a​ link to​ an​ SEM site from another SEM site worth? What would you​ pay to​ have your competitors link to​ you​ with lots of​ one way links,​ many from high authority sites? Because of​ this article,​ they even have a​ link from here.

Plus they get links from Searchenginewatch,​ in​ both the​ forums and the​ blog entries,​ not to​ mention other high profile industry sites. What’s link from Matt Cutt’s blog with a​ photo worth to​ this site?

You see,​ this site is​ building its online reputation the​ way everyone needs to​ – by posting relevant timely information that others want to​ see. Then the​ others link to​ that content in​ a​ natural way.

Let me put it​ to​ you​ another way – of​ the​ over 3,​000 links this site has,​ how many do you​ suppose are from content? More specifically,​ how many are due to​ the​ site’s summaries of​ the​ various SES shows they’ve attended? Links may not be directly to​ the​ topics in​ question. in​ fact many are not.

In fact,​ if​ you​ scan through the​ top 100 links or​ so listed in​ Google you​ see a​ virtual who’s who of​ the​ SEO industry. Let me point out a​ few of​ the​ more notable links: Links from Yahoo Search Blog,​ as​ well as​ the​ MSDN MSN search blog. of​ course there’s many from Searchenginewatch,​ but also from other industry sites like searchviews.com,​ seomoz.com and searchenginejournal.com just to​ name a​ few.

So what has the​ site accomplished by attending all the​ SES shows since late 2003? Well,​ they’ve built lots of​ good content which helps relay their authority status to​ engines like Google.

Further,​ they’ve gotten lots of​ quality inbound links from high profile related sites that are also considered authorities. Plus they’ve also built a​ reputation for being the​ place to​ go to​ find out about SES which means increased traffic to​ the​ site. Not to​ mention that they’ve now probably got a​ well known brand.

In other words,​ if​ someone doesn’t already know how to​ find the​ site,​ but they know the​ name of​ it,​ a​ the​ person will search on​ an​ engine like Google looking for the​ domain name. Even if​ it’s ranked #7 or​ 8 for the​ search term the​ site will get the​ click because the​ searcher is​ looking for that brand.

How’s that for building quality content and links at​ the​ same time?

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