Wholesale Video Games Distributor Warning

Wholesale Video Games Distributor Warning

You need to​ be prepared for the​ saturation of​ wholesale video games distributor phenomena that is​ going to​ take place and start appearing on​ the​ Internet in​ the​ following weeks when the​ Playstation 3 hits the​ stores in​ the​ first weeks of​ November of​ this year. Right now there are many buyers taking advantage of​ the​ eBay craze of​ selling Playstation 3 consoles at​ almost three times the​ current retail price that is​ due in​ launch day. the​ price of​ the​ Playstation 3 will be $600 for the​ premium package- can you believe what will happen when those PS3 consoles hit the​ market the​ hungriness that it​ will leave for many small based business online?

What I am trying to​ warn you about is​ that there will be hundreds if​ not thousands possible fake wholesale video games distributors that will try to​ start selling PS3 on​ the​ Internet at​ supposed wholesale prices and even below wholesale prices for such new consoles. While their will be many wholesale games distributors for the​ purchase of​ video games and even PS3 related material,​ as​ a​ power seller myself- I will not recommend touching sites that say that you can get Playstation 3 consoles and games at​ 50-80% in​ wholesale prices for numerous reasons.

While you can certainly buy wholesale games at​ 40-95% below the​ market retail value- you should not be able to​ purchase legit wholesale PS3 items below wholesale for at​ least the​ first 2 years. if​ you have study this wholesale market- you can compare what happened with PS3 biggest competitor. if​ you understand what happened here you should know that such giant corporations are not launching a​ huge stock of​ consoles in​ launching dates for numerous marketing reasons. if​ you remember what happened a​ year ago with such PS2 and now PS3 competitor,​ you will know what I am talking about.

You will certainly know that you cannot buy at​ 50-95% Playstation 3 in​ any way with direct online distributors or​ offline distributors or​ wholesalers. Why? Ask yourself why a​ company like Sony will allow the​ sell of​ wholesale items on​ their upcoming best-seller at​ wholesale prices? it​ is​ virtually unreasonable to​ give a​ seller permit to​ distribute and sell PS3 at​ way below retail prices. How do you think that the​ fortune 500 retail companies will profit from this boom? How do you think that all the​ companies and CEO owners that hold major stocks at​ their distribution line will feel if​ they do not receive a​ clear cut commission out of​ the​ sell of​ in-demand new market consoles if​ their were wholesale video games distributors selling below retail prices?

Again,​ in​ the​ sell of​ wholesale items both online and offline I can honestly say to​ you not to​ look for this wholesale hype prices that are not true for at​ least the​ next 2 years. it​ is​ of​ my sole experience and in​ my opinion to​ give you- the​ no,​ no when it​ comes to​ buying PS3 at​ real wholesale prices for at​ least the​ first year. a​ Power seller who earns thousands selling wholesale in​ combined business on​ the​ Internet and offline can confirm this for you. Use this article as​ reference and never as​ wholesale video games distributor legal advice or​ as​ a​ buying guide for online or​ offline business.

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