Who Plays Video Games

Who Plays Video Games

With the​ great number of​ video games for sale and the​ huge variety of​ video games that are downloadable through the​ internet,​ it​ probably will not surprise you to​ learn that 60 percent of​ the​ American population has played some kind of​ video game. They are rivalling baseball as​ the​ great American pastime. Indeed,​ there are versions of​ baseball and NFL available as​ video games. Video games grew out of​ our fascination with computers and they are played by young and old alike. Video game playing is​ not limited to​ kids and teenagers,​ although children are starting to​ play video games at​ younger and more tender ages.

Nearly half of​ all American children aged 4 to​ 6 are estimated to​ have played video games,​ and a​ new market has sprung up to​ develop video games to​ involve toddlers and make computers more attractive for them to​ use. More attractive to​ children! Kids take to​ computers better than ducks to​ water,​ and stay connected for life. as​ of​ 2005,​ a​ quarter of​ the​ children in​ the​ aged four to​ six age group who have played computer games say it​ is​ a​ regular habit. the​ toddler,​ of​ course,​ cannot yet talk about their video game habits. But their parents report that children,​ especially boys have lost interest in​ playing with their traditional toys like action figures,​ Legos,​ and puzzles and prefer video games. However,​ kids are not the​ primary users of​ video games. Their parents played video games as​ children and teenagers.

We are now experiencing the​ phenomenon of​ second-generation video game players. Video games have been around since the​ 1970’s,​ clearly enough time for some third generation players to​ come upon the​ scene. Side to​ side,​ mouse to​ mouse with the​ kids are the​ adults who have never stopped playing or​ who began playing as​ adults. Adults represent the​ largest group of​ video game players and the​ average age of​ video gamers is​ 29. Certainly,​ the​ older generation has the​ good sense to​ avoid this costly,​ time consuming habit,​ you may think. Think again - 17 percent of​ gamers are 50 years of​ age and older. if​ this keeps up,​ retirement communities are no longer able to​ offer Bingo and Cribbage as​ recreational bonuses. the​ baby boom generation will head into its twilight years amid Dungeons and Dragons competitions.

The joy of​ mindlessly zoning out in​ virtual reality instead of​ actually doing something or​ speaking to​ someone is​ so compelling that video games are now a​ multibillion-dollar business. the​ video game companies often rival the​ stock exchange earnings of​ energy corporations and pharmaceutical companies. Nintendo often beats the​ earnings of​ major Hollywood studios. in​ 2004,​ 9.9 billion dollars was spent on​ video games,​ on​ consoles like PlayStation 2,​ Xbox,​ and GameCube,​ and on​ hand-held systems like Game Boy and Nintendo DS in​ the​ U.S. alone. of​ course,​ America is​ the​ leader in​ video game retail but the​ rest of​ the​ world is​ far behind,​ making video game stocks a​ hot commodity. But no one is​ interested in​ "playing “ the​ stock market anymore; they’re all to​ busy playing video games.

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