Who Plays Computer Games

Who Plays Computer Games?
Playing computer games was once reserved for the​ geek of​ the​ class who would shut himself away until the​ early hours of​ the​ morning with no company apart from a​ joystick .​
This has changed significantly as​ the​ standard of​ graphics and game play has improved and the​ use of​ computers is​ even more widely accepted .​
The advance of​ the​ Internet has also made sure that online gaming has become increasingly popular allowing people from all around the​ world to​ play against one another or​ in​ huge online tournaments .​
The appeal has spread significantly to​ what it​ once was.
The first generation of​ gamers are growing older now and this is​ coinciding with the​ introduction of​ next generation console games that look and sound much better than was ever dreamt possible ten or​ twenty years ago .​
AS such,​ many of​ these early gamers continue to​ play console games and computer games meaning what was predominantly a​ children’s market is​ shifting upwards in​ age .​
It is​ by no means uncommon for people in​ their twenties and thirties to​ be buying the​ latest games.
As well as​ being younger,​ the​ game market used to​ consist of​ almost solely males .​
Again,​ this has changed .​
AS technology has become more and more accessible and accepted in​ the​ form of​ cell phones and computers,​ the​ playing of​ computer games has also increased and there are many girls and women who are just as​ comfortable behind a​ control pad or​ a​ joystick as​ the​ men.
One more factor that has changed in​ the​ gaming world is​ that playing computer games is​ a​ solitary existence .​
Again,​ the​ stereotype of​ previous generations of​ gamers is​ kids locked in​ bedrooms playing fantasy games until midnight .​
Now,​ well over half of​ the​ people who play computer games do so on​ the​ Internet or​ with their friends on​ a​ regular basis.

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