White Label Gaming Online Games Network Operating Solutions

White Label Gaming Online Games Network Operating Solutions

Thinking about launching a​ white label gaming channel? Do you have a​ great brand and are wondering how online gaming fits into your business model? Have you been approached by a​ white label games provider?

Well here's a​ checklist of​ 10 characteristics that your gaming operator should provide:


When a​ player comes to​ your site,​ they want choice,​ entertainment and a​ large gaming community. Clients should be able to​ access a​ deep pool of​ player liquidity,​ ensuring that their customers will always be able to​ find a​ game to​ suit their requirements and their level of​ skill. They should also be able to​ play against players from all over the​ world. Operators like St Minver,​ who manage the​ International Poker Network (Europe's largest poker network) and the​ International Bingo Network,​ provide access to​ multi-language bingo,​ casino,​ soft games and sportsbooks.

Tight Regulations

Operators should have a​ gaming license. There are only a​ few countries who regularly give licenses but,​ you should ensure that the​ operator is​ in​ possession of​ a​ license issued by a​ highly regulated authority. Granting online gaming licenses exclusively to​ only 13 companies,​ Gibraltar is​ home to​ a​ majority of​ the​ largest online gaming companies,​ representing close to​ 37% of​ the​ market by revenue.

The Gibraltar license is​ highly coveted as​ European governments have begun to​ restrict marketing to​ their residents by any online gaming company outside the​ EEA. in​ addition,​ the​ rigors of​ obtaining a​ Gibraltar license remain high. St Minver partners benefit from the​ company's ability to​ offer gaming services that run off the​ most highly regarded gaming license without the​ rigors and the​ expense.

Tier 1 Banking

Clients and customers should require access to​ secure banking mechanisms. You should ensure you work with a​ client that enables you to​ leverage credit card merchant facilities with at​ least two premier banking institutions. Customers should be offered the​ ability to​ use mainstream payment mechanisms (including Visa,​ MasterCard,​ Switch and Solo),​ with immediate credit at​ competitive rates. Competitors without such banking facilities are currently only able to​ offer niche payment processors,​ such as​ NETeller,​ which only offers 3-4 days' delayed credit or​ an​ instant credit option where customers are charged higher fees.


Operators should provide partners with the​ ability to​ create a​ product which is​ bespoke to​ each partner's brand requirements. the​ operator’s suite of​ games should enable a​ tailored product offering to​ better cater to​ specific audience demographics. in​ addition,​ the​ product offering should be tailored to​ comply with the​ specific look and feel of​ each partner's brand and site,​ to​ create an​ environment which is​ seamless to​ the​ end user.


The operators should work closely with you as​ a​ partner,​ to​ offer direct customer communication strategies and tools. the​ white label provider should have a​ team of​ knowledgeable CRM experts who bring together experience from a​ variety of​ leading online sites. Partners benefit from the​ economies of​ scale gained through the​ creation of​ a​ network. in​ addition,​ operators like St Minver offer partners special CRM tools on​ a​ more cost effective basis.

Best-of-breed games

The operator should create a​ highly scalable solution for its white label partners. in​ creating the​ integrated platform,​ you should be offered the​ best-of-breed games that are plugged directly into the​ platform offering customers a​ unique gaming experience that is​ tailored to​ the​ individual site's look and feel.

VIP service team

Your VIP customers should be given the​ opportunity to​ participate in​ special bonus and loyalty programs. the​ VIP program should be tailored to​ create loyalty for high consistency players,​ and offered on​ an​ invite only basis. Those customers who qualify for the​ VIP program should be entitled to​ receive cash back on​ all wins and losses incurred in​ the​ month. in​ addition they may receive special gifts at​ any time including flights,​ upgrades,​ hotels and concerts.

24/7 multi-language customer service

Operators should provide 24 hour customer service in​ multi-language. St Minver provide service in​ English,​ German,​ Spanish and Turkish (restricted times). More importantly,​ providers should offer online chat support in​ multiple languages. Customer service on​ three levels: online chat,​ email and telephone are a​ huge advantage in​ showing customers that you can provide a​ secure and safe gaming experience.

24/7 monitoring for fraud/security

Games and gaming operators should offer real time fraud security monitoring. the​ white label games operator should have a​ team of​ individuals who actively monitor the​ games for scams such as​ collusion,​ chip dumping and other fraudulent behaviour. With regard to​ Casino and Bingo,​ the​ company should implement the​ necessary precautionary processes to​ restrict underage gaming and gaming from non-legal jurisdictions such as​ the​ US. the​ company should also follow ethical gaming principles as​ set by associations like Gamcare,​ the​ industry leading player protection association.

Player education

Player education is​ a​ major part of​ obtaining and retaining customers. the​ operators should be able to​ provide an​ established mechanism of​ player education and tutoring. Networks like St Minver operate an​ interactive and live chat room poker school for all partners,​ with significant rookie player pools. the​ school is​ offered to​ beginners and to​ those who wish to​ take their skills to​ the​ next level. the​ school is​ offered in​ English,​ German and Spanish.

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