Which Computer Printer Technology Would You Go For

Which computer printer technology would you go for?
A computer printer is​ a​ device that produces human readable text or​ graphics in​ electronic form .​
The following printer technologies are found in​ modern printers
• Toner based printers: Toner based printers are very similar to​ photocopiers .​
They refer to​ the​ method used to​ adhere to​ the​ media .​
They are known for high quality prints,​ high print speed and low cost per copy .​
The most common example of​ toner based printers is​ laser printers .​
Their cost effective benefit has made them dominant for home and office applications .​
Another fine example of​ toner based printer would be LED printer which uses an​ array of​ LED’s instead of​ a​ laser to​ cause toner adhesion.
• Inkjet Printers: Inkjet printers are cheaper than laser printers but they are expensive to​ run as​ their cartridges need to​ be frequently replaced .​
Inkjet printers are widely used at​ homes and by small business users .​
They have an​ excellent all round printing capabilities from black and white to​ color prints .​
Inkjet printers ensure high resolution photo prints offering high quality photographs .​
Inkjet printers are comparatively much slower than laser printers .​
Another disadvantage of​ inkjet printer is​ that the​ pages take a​ long time to​ dry before they can be actually handled.
• Impact Printers: Impact printers rely on​ a​ forcible ink to​ transfer ink to​ the​ media .​
They are similar to​ typewriters and have a​ limited capacity for reproducing text .​
a​ daisy wheel printer is​ a​ specific type of​ printer where the​ type is​ molded around the​ edge of​ a​ wheel .​
Impact printers are basically of​ two types’ letter quality printers and dot matrix printers.
• Line Printers: Line printers print an​ entire line of​ text at​ a​ time .​
These printers were the​ fastest in​ impact printers and were used for bulk printing in​ large computer centers .​
They were never used with personal computers due to​ their operating system .​
They have now been replaced by high speed laser printers.

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