Whats The Most Important Part Of An SEO Campaign

Whats The Most Important Part Of An SEO Campaign

If you're like many of​ the​ business owners that are beginning to​ see the​ importance of​ search engine optimization as​ a​ marketing tool,​ chances are that you've come across quite a​ bit of​ contradictory information. You've probably heard a​ dozen opinions of​ what the​ most important part of​ your SEO campaign is​ - everything from links to​ title tags and everything in​ between.

The fact of​ the​ matter is​ that selecting the​ right keyword phrases is​ the​ single most important aspect of​ any SEO campaign. if​ you​ choose keywords that are too competitive you​ may never achieve any ranking for them,​ and if​ you​ choose keywords that no one searches for you​ will not receive any traffic even if​ your web site ranks #1. That's why it's so important to​ put a​ little extra effort into your keyword selection or​ hire a​ professional to​ do it. Let's say that you​ are a​ real estate agent in​ Tampa,​ Florida who wants to​ generate additional business from the​ internet. While it​ may sound great to​ target the​ keyword phrase "real estate" because it​ gets over 67,​000 searches each day,​ you​ would really be much better off targeting a​ keyword phrase like "tampa bay waterfront real estate" which gets about 6 searches each day. Visitors searching for 3-4 word keyword phrases are more likely to​ convert to​ clients than those searching for more general keyword phrases. When coupled with the​ competition you'll face for a​ general term like "real estate" you're ROI quickly dissipates,​ despite the​ high number of​ daily searches. you​ have to​ consider that someone using the​ keyword phrase "real estate" could be any number of​ people outside of​ our target market,​ such as​ a​ person looking for general real estate information,​ a​ person looking for a​ career in​ real estate,​ or​ a​ person looking for real estate in​ a​ location that you​ don't serve.

By choosing keyword phrases based on​ relevance,​ traffic and competition you​ will get the​ highest ROI out of​ your SEO campaign and see results more quickly.

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