Whats All The Buzz About Underground Dog Fences

Whats All The Buzz About Underground Dog Fences

The new craze on​ the​ puppy circuit is​ underground dog fences. Simply put,​ underground fences are electronic containment systems designed to​ teach pets their boundaries while in​ your yard. They use a​ small “shock” which is​ transmitted through an​ electronic collar. These hidden fences can actually contain your dog within the​ barrier without forking out the​ expenses of​ putting up a​ fence. While most dogs don’t like being kenneled up for long periods of​ time while you​ are working or​ the​ kids are at​ school,​ this gives them the​ option of​ roaming the​ front and back yard and letting them have a​ sense of​ freedom,​ but only where the​ invisible fence will allow them.

The advantage of​ having an​ underground dog fence is​ that you​ won’t have to​ resort to​ ropes,​ chains and cages,​ which some people consider inhumane and unhealthy for your dog.

While wire fences are expensive,​ can be dug under or​ jumped over and allow for little exercise,​ they can also distract from the​ beauty of​ landscapes and in​ most cases decrease the​ property value of​ your home. Underground fences are reasonably priced and invisible,​ meaning that nobody will even know it’s there except you​ and your dog!

Here’s how it​ works. When a​ dog approaches the​ fenced area,​ he’ll receive a​ warning tone. Then,​ if​ after two seconds he hasn’t retreated back,​ the​ tone will the​ be followed by a​ mild electrical jolt,​ transmitted through a​ device connected to​ his collar. the​ jolt will be harmless and painless to​ your pet and matched to​ his specific temperament. if​ he still chooses to​ not retreat back,​ the​ electrical jolt then sets itself to​ the​ highest level to​ prevent the​ dog from running through it.

Although the​ underground dog fence is​ safe for all dogs,​ it​ is​ recommended that you​ wait until your puppy is​ between the​ ages of​ 16 and 20 weeks before trying to​ train him with the​ system.

Easily installed,​ underground dog fences will give your dog freedoms that he may not otherwise have. While dogs tend to​ be nosey,​ trying to​ cross the​ street,​ going into the​ neighbor’s yard,​ digging in​ your flower garden or​ chasing those passing by,​ the​ underground system will quickly teach him where he is​ and isn’t allowed to​ go.

Check with your local pet supply stores for information on​ underground dog fences and pricing. Just as​ you​ need freedom and exercise,​ so does your dog. Remember,​ he is​ part of​ your family and it​ is​ your job,​ as​ his owner and caretaker,​ to​ be sure he is​ safe and healthy. With an​ underground dog fence you​ can give him that safety and independence that dogs love so much. you​ might even get a​ warm smile and thank you​ from the​ mailman!!

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