What You Should Know Before Buying A Computer

What You Should Know Before Buying a​ Computer
Anyone who already owns a​ computer has a​ good idea of​ what his or​ her computer needs are .​
However,​ people new to​ the​ world of​ computers can get lost in​ the​ multitude of​ choices .​
Here you will find some tips to​ what a​ newcomer to​ computers should do and why.
1 .​
Purchase Basic Peripherals
First your computer must include all the​ basic peripherals .​
There are four major components to​ most computers,​ these are the; mouse,​ keyboard,​ monitor and the​ CPU unit .​
You will have to​ purchase a​ computer that includes all of​ these components,​ and then at​ home all you have to​ do is​ to​ plug the​ components into their designated sockets .​
Many computers also come with color-coding,​ so that each component is​ easily identified and assembled into one computer.
2 .​
Determine What the​ Computer Will Be Used For
Basic components as​ described above will be adequate for a​ computer intended for performing simple word-processing and spreadsheet tasks,​ sending email or​ surfing the​ internet .​
If on​ the​ other hand the​ computer is​ used in​ your multimedia career,​ you will require the​ use of​ a​ digital camera,​ printer,​ tablet,​ digicam and a​ scanner .​
If again your career is​ in​ music,​ you will require a​ set of​ quality speakers and microphones.
3 .​
Create a​ Budget And Stick To It
Decide how much you can afford to​ spend on​ a​ new computer .​
Remember to​ purchase a​ computer where all the​ basic peripherals can be included in​ your budget when you first start out.
4 .​
Shop By Comparing the​ Various Models With Each Other
Comparison-shopping is​ useful when choosing a​ computer,​ e.g .​
you may want to​ go with the​ fastest modem and processor as​ well as​ the​ largest hard drive and dynamic memory that fit into your budget .​
Having a​ computer with large spare reserves will cut the​ price to​ upgrade the​ computer system at​ a​ later stage.
5 .​
Buy Brand Name Items
When purchasing a​ computer you want a​ model from a​ computer manufacturer with a​ good and long market presence and with a​ reputation of​ quality service and products .​
The manufacturer must also be financially viable since computer manufacturers tend to​ have a​ very high turnover .​
Only the​ best manufacturers make it​ over the​ long run .​
You want your manufacturer to​ be able to​ fulfill its servicing,​ warranties,​ trades and returns .​
Brand name computers are a​ bit more expensive,​ but it​ is​ in​ your best interest to​ buy well known brands.
6 .​
Where to​ Buy a​ Computer
Once you have determined what you require in​ a​ computer as​ well as​ what kind you want,​ all that is​ left is​ to​ decide where to​ buy the​ computer .​
Computers are available from several sources such as,​ online stores,​ computer store outlets,​ used computer stores,​ auction sites and your local yard sales .​
It is​ highly recommended to​ buy your computer from a​ physical store,​ where you can see the​ computer and ask questions before purchasing .​
Buying a​ new computer from a​ physical store offers the​ benefits of​ store warranties and services as​ well as​ trades and returns.
Follow these suggestions and you will find the​ best computer hardware for your needs .​
All that remains now is​ to​ move on​ to​ the​ software you require for your computer.

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