What You Should Expect From A SEO Professional

What You Should Expect From A SEO Professional

For many businesses,​ search engine optimization is​ a​ confusing subject. to​ get the​ most out of​ it,​ you​ need to​ define the​ role of​ the​ person or​ business handling the​ seo.

What you​ Should Expect From a​ SEO Professional

Speaking as​ someone who provides search engine optimization services,​ I can tell you​ there is​ a​ lot of​ confusion regarding the​ role of​ a​ SEO professional. Much of​ this results from the​ acronyms and phrases used in​ the​ field. Businesses will pick them up and throw them around without really knowing what they mean. Even worse,​ many businesses do not know what the​ really want or​ even that they should be asking the​ question.

A SEO professional can fill a​ number of​ roles for a​ business. the​ simplest situation is​ one in​ which the​ business simply wants the​ SEO wizard to​ crank up the​ rankings. This sounds obvious,​ but rarely is​ the​ case. Instead,​ the​ business is​ really looking for improved rankings and a​ little more.

It never fails to​ occur. a​ client just wants you​ to​ move them up in​ the​ rankings. you​ come to​ an​ agreement on​ price,​ suggest some changes to​ the​ site and then head off to​ build links,​ etc. a​ week later,​ the​ client is​ calling with questions on​ conversions,​ purchasing banner ads and so on. Next week,​ they call with questions about pay-per-click and so on. This is​ all fine,​ but the​ hand holding can be very distracting and frustrating.

When retaining a​ person or​ business to​ handle your search engine optimization efforts,​ it​ is​ important to​ step back and think about what you​ really need. Are you​ looking just for top rankings or​ do you​ want insight into your site? Are you,​ in​ fact,​ willing to​ take some advice,​ particularly if​ it​ is​ critical? Clarifying this with the​ SEO person from the​ outset makes things run much smoother and keeps feelings from being ruffled.

Some companies believe they are retaining a​ person to​ simply get them high in​ the​ rankings. Others believe they are retaining a​ person to​ get them high in​ the​ rankings and advise them on​ their products,​ site,​ etc. the​ only correct answer is​ what you​ agree to​ when the​ pen is​ put to​ paper at​ the​ outset of​ the​ agreement. as​ a​ person on​ the​ SEO side,​ I only ask that you​ be clear in​ indicating what you​ want from the​ outset.

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